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Helping Rhinos

Innovation in Conservation
Helping Rhinos prides itself in applying an innovative and forward thinking approach to conservation and is delivering a positive change in the fortunes of the rhino. The international charity works with passionate and dedicated partners, both around the world and on the ground in the heart of rhino habitats. Their funding will support creative and proven initiatives to provide a sustainable future for rhino in the natural habitat.

To lead an innovative approach to conservation that will ensure the long-term survival of rhino and other endangered wildlife in their natural habitat.

To create strategic local and global partnerships, sustainable operating models and international education programmes that deliver tangible results in rhino protection, habitat preservation, a reduction in the illegal wildlife trade and the empowerment of local communities.

Please read more about Helping Rhinos here.

Simon Jones the CEO & Founder of Helping Rhinos to share a presentation about them, you can read about Simon and his presentation here.

The Conference is helping to raise funds through a raffle at the event and welcomes donations either before or on the day. Please contact Marie here.

View Raffle Donations here with all proceeds to Helping Rhinos.

And View the two short videos below on Helping Rhinos.

Thandi Story from Helping Rhinos

Watch how poaching survivor Thandi has gone on to have two calves and is an inspiration to so

many around the world, giving hope for the future.


Helping Rhinos - Time To Change The Way We Think About Wildlife Conservation

Helping Rhinos take us through their projects on the ground and also how they are making

a difference in protecting rhinos in their natural habitat