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Anne-Frans Van Vliet, USA. Guest Speaker

The Elephant Therapy Project

Anne-Frans Van Vliet is one of our inspirational and passionate Guest Speakers flying in from the US to share her work with elephants and energy therapies.

Anne-Frans’ goal is to increase global awareness, integrating diverse Animal Energy Therapy techniques with all animals to restore optimal vibrational and physical health, behavioral, spiritual, psychological and instinctual balance and longevity. Through her colorful journey and inspiring work, she has been listening to the call of the animal instinct and through graceful guidance soothing the animals back into alignment and their Divine selves. Using a mindful approach in her stories, she gives hope and empowers us, stewarding action, infinite healing, compassionate animal-human bond, and coexisting in harmony in a world that constantly changes. 

Anne-Frans's lecture is entitled 'The Elephant Therapy Project'

Anne -Frans will be speaking of a filmed, explorative case study with a domesticated female elephants population in Jaipur, India. The positive impact of Energy Therapy practices, using sound, smell and touch with abnormal behavior patterns in addition to strengthening the animal- human bond. In this lecture video clips will be shown with seven different female elephants, showing the relaxation responses triggered by the various Energy Therapy techniques used. Every animal reacting in her own way to the Therapy and tracking the changes taking affect over a month long regular work study.

Anne-Frans new book, “Animal Energy Therapy Project,” has just been launched in February 2020. Anne-Frans has kindly donated the first chapter of her book for you to read. Download here.

Read more about Anne-Frans here. View her short Video below on the Animal Energy Therapy Project.

Her other website has lots of information :  'The Running Dog Ranch'.

Animal Energy Therapy Project Video