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Camilla Whishaw BHSc (Nat) , Australia.Guest Speaker


Naturopathy, Healing and Health

Camilla Whishaw is a world leading Equine Naturopath, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia who consults with clients globally and is joining us as a Guest Speaker at the event.She is an experienced horsewoman, having worked with, cared for and ridden horses all her life. Her career as an Equine Naturopath evolved after overcoming significant health challenges of her own through the use of natural medicine. The positive impact which complementary therapies made on her own health sparked her desire to further explore this path of medicine: she went on to study and gain a Bachelor degree in Naturopathy. Her intimate understanding of the nature of horses, combined with the scientific background of her degree, made her realise that there was a great need for such an holistic approach in the health care of horses. She encompasses an integrated and holistic approach to effectively prevent and treat a wide range of horse health and behavioural challenges: from infertility, osteoarthritis, laminitis, ulcers, PPID, immune and gut health issues, failure to thrive, metabolic syndrome- and everything in between!
Camilla’s treatment approach involves taking a thorough case history and physical assessment of the horse; reviewing dietary/feed intake, supplement use and medications. Her treatment of patients primarily involves the use of Western Herbal Medicine and therapeutic grade nutraceuticals, combined with dietary and management interventions.Bush Flower Essences and Homeopathic remedies add a further dimension to her treatment of equine patients.
Camilla strongly encourages a collaborative approach with conventional veterinarians and health care practitioners and other complementary therapists, to ensure the best possible outcome for her patients. She is passionate about helping owners and all those involved in the care of the patient to understand contributing factors to the health of their horse, and how they can best facilitate optimal health, wellbeing and healing. Many of the core themes and treatments used are applicable in other animal species.
Camilla is a regular presenter on the holistic management of and naturopathic approach to horse health and specific equine health conditions and injuries. Camilla is a highly competent horsewoman, a graduate of the prestigious Darley (Godolphin) Flying Start Program, and a fully qualified and accredited naturopath. She is a member of professional associations ANTA and ATMS.As an outside interest and nice balance to her work, Camilla loves training and competing as a distance runner.
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Camilla's Presentation is entitled:
' Naturopathy, Healing and Health' - An integrated, collaborative approach to animal health and wellness and the valuable role of Naturopathy.
Her talk will include the following:
  • Brief background of my own personal health journey and how it lead me to the path of my career
  • The importance of a collaborative approach with other practitioners (both conventional and complementary/alternative/traditional) and strategies we can do to best facilitate this.
  • The value of educating animal owners and empowering them- the impact this has on successful patient outcomes.
  • Naturopathy: What is it? Key principles of naturopathy; the importance of optimising GIT health; addressing the pathophysiology of illness; the vital role of therapeutic nutrition; the strategic and educated use of supplementation.

NB: Camilla works as an independent consultant (she is not associated with any feed, supplement or other companies), owners can rest assured that the advice and therapies offered are in the very best interests of their particular horse and situation.She frequently travels interstate and internationally, serving clients in these areas by appointment. Skype, phone and email consultations are also available.