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Animal Energy World Conference 2019

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"Animals Instinctual Intelligence"

Carol Komitor, CMT, HTCP/1, HTACP/1,ESMT, Healing Touch for Animals Founder

Carol Komitor CMT, HTCP/1, HTACP/1,ESMT, is the world famous founder of  the Healing Touch for Animals and an Instructor for the Healing Touch for people, who is joining us from the USA.

Carol Komitor's passion for animals came about as a young child which later inspired her to become a veterinary technician, caring for and supporting animals in a clinical setting for 13 years. 

Carol's energetic journey began 25 years ago. Studying energy medicine for humans lead her to become a Healing Touch Certified Instructor and Certified Massage Therapist.

Returning to Carol's roots, her focus once again turned to animals. She received her certification as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist and worked closely with horses on a daily basis.

Throughout her years of studies with people and animals, Carol began to develop new techniques to support animals energetically.

She turned her knowledge of energy medicine and animal health into an energy medicine program for animals, known as Healing Touch for Animals (HTA). Healing Touch for Animals quickly grew and in 2016, HTA celebrated its 20th year anniversary.

Carol has shared these philosophies and techniques of people around the globe.

We are truly honoured that Carol will be sharing some of her technique with animals at the conference in her presentation.
A brief summary of Carol's presentation:

  • The Energy System of an Animal
  • The Differences Between the Animal and Human Energy System
  • Learn a Healing Touch for Animals® technique (Bridging™)

Please read more about Carol and the Healing Touch for Animals and courses available on her informational website here.

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Carol Komitor's Healing Touch for Animals