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Animal Energy World Conference 2020

May 16th & 17th 2020. Details coming soon!

Caroline Ingraham, UK.' How to communicate with wild and domestic animals using aromatics to help their medical and behavioural well-being.'

altWe are honoured that Caroline Ingraham has taken time within her busy European schedule to Open the Conference for 2019 as a Keynote Speaker. 

Caroline Ingraham founded Applied Zoopharmacognosy and is the leading expert in the field of animal self-medication. She has always had an enormous concern for the ethical treatment of animals and has spent the last three decades researching and observing how animals self-medicate. Caroline has featured in many scientific journals and articles and has written numerous books on the subject. She has appeared on the BBC, ITV, BBC Radio4, National Geographic TV and at the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts. 

Her work encompasses an understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacology combined with animal self-medication. Caroline is in demand globally as a consultant and teacher, speaking regularly at International Symposiums. She lectures to vets, college and university students all over the world.
Today, Caroline has helped thousands of animals all over the world, regain behavioural and physical health, including domestic, captive and farm animals. She has had great success with orphaned elephant calves at the Sheldrick Trust in Kenya,
working with the French government and bio-dynamic farmers, as  well as in conservation with endangered species, and also with rescued animals at the RSPCA in the UK. Caroline writes widely on the subject of animal self-selection, her two most recent books are 'Help Your Dog Heal Itself' 3rd edition released in 2018 and 'Animal Self-Medication' (due for release end of January 2019). 
Carolines' Opening Speech will present how aromatic stimulation is a natural part of an animals everyday life, enabling them to understand their surroundings, respond to their health needs and other animals. When many find themselves in a man-made environment olfactory enrichment is often impoverished, which can cause their health to deteriorate. Not having access to a rich aromatic environment is not in the interests of animal welfare. 
Caroline hopes to raise awareness in this talk and demonstrate the rapid improvement in health and well-being which can be achieved, allowing animals to exhibit natural behaviours many of which have not previously been seen in captivity.
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Please visit Carolines website for full information and details of Courses here.
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Visit Carolines'full Video Library here. You can also view some short videos below.

Caroline with Sinya at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya.

This video is about Sinya, a rescued elephant calf at the Sheldrick Trust in Kenya. Severely wounded and having been trapped in putrid well water, her prognosis was not good. This video shows how Caroline worked with Sinya and the results that were achieved through Applied Zoopharmacognosy.

Caroline talking with Martina Naceradska MVDR at their Veterinary Clinic.

Caroline talks with MVDR. Martina Naceradska on the protocol of offering German chamomile or yarrow essential oil with wintergreen, to help protect the stomach.

Carolines' work with Snow Leopards

This is a video clip of Carolines' work providing enrichment for a couple of snow leopards. The information gained, will hopefully help wildlife rescue sanctuaries around the world.