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Animal Energy World Conference 16th October 2020 & 14th-16th May 2021, Manchester

Caroline Thomas, UK.


'The Art of Divination with Bach Flowers and Chakra Healing for Animals'

The Conference is delighted to welcome Caroline Thomas from the UK, as a truly inspirational Guest Speaker and Ambassador for our animals. She will be speaking with her Co-Host and Co-Author Melissa Tessaro from the UK on 'The Art of Divination with Bach Flowers and Chakra Healing for Animals'.  .
Caroline has been working with flower essences and animals for over 15 years. She initially qualified as a Bach Flower Practitioner and then as an Animal Bach Flower Practitioner via the Bach Flower Centre in Oxford and then at the Natural Animal Centre in Wales. Caroline is an Animal Reiki teacher and was taught by Kathleen Prasad, whose teachings push the understanding of Reiki with animals to the highest levels.   Caroline went on to study PsychAromatica with Nayana Morag which uses aromatherapy to get to the root of any problem an animal may have. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques. Nayana specializes in Meridians and this is where Caroline developed her interest in EFT and is now a member of the Guild of Energists. 
Caroline continued to work with Bach flowers and became very passionate about helping animals with mental health issues. Partly driven by her own experiences which affected her earlier in her life, she has been helping animals with extreme emotional and behavioural problems using flower essences with much success. Caroline is a Registered Pharmacy Technician and manager at a busy Doctors surgery in Essex. She applies the same approach to her staff and patients and has filled her office with crystals and flowers, where many a time GP’s who are passing, have popped in to her office and have said that they can feel the calm loving energy.
Caroline has followed closely the works of Arthur Bailey, who was the founder and creator of the Bailey essences. She was fascinated by his down to earth approach and his scientific mind. He created many of the essences on the Ilkley moors and Caroline loved his passion for flower essences and the clever way that he created them. Caroline contacted the Bailey Essences and was given permission to write a book about how they can help animals. The book is called the Power of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Essences for Animals and it is available via Amazon. It is a beautiful book filled to the brim with everything that you need to know about flower essences and how to use them with animals.
The Yorkshire Essences asked Caroline to develop a range of ‘7’ combination essences for specific animal behaviours which were called the Scintilla range, they were launched with Caroline’s book at the 2017 Animal Energy World Conference. To gather the needed evidence Caroline has trialed the combination essences with over 100 domesticated dogs from around the world. Caroline published a scientific paper on October 2017, in the Healthful Dog Magazine. It contained all the evidence from trial and it proved that flower essences really do work. 2017 was also the ‘50th’ year of the creation of the Bailey essences. The Scintilla range is available from the Yorkshire Essence Website.
Caroline has written 2 fully accredited and insurable online Practitioner courses for Animal Bach Flowers and Crystal Healing Therapy. The courses also include a 1-2-1 with Caroline.  She has an online academy, which allows her students to study with her via a private Facebook Page.  Her dream is to raise the awareness of flower essences and crystals within the veterinary world, so that they are treated with respect and hold credibility. In her spare time Caroline makes candles and holistic animal healing pendants and collars for dogs and cats also rhythm beads for horses. Caroline has been happily married for over 25 years and has two sons, two Spaniels and three cats.

Caroline Thomas is Co-Presenting with Melissa Tessaro on their inspirational collaboration  'The Art of Divination with Bach Flowers and Chakra Healing for Animals'. Caroline has been specialising with flower essences and animals for over 15 years and by chance met Melissa at an event and from there the journey began together. It turned out that they actually lived pretty close to one another which was a piece of synchronicity. Caroline was in awe of Melissa’s knowledge of dowsing and felt really drawn to working with Melissa on a joint project. They worked together on the healing Bach Flower Cards using both of their specialist knowledge and skills.

They both felt that joining the gift of dowsing with the magical energy of the Bach essences was going to be a powerful new healing modality. Each card has the flower, the healing properties and also dowsing commands. Each card is totally unique and has its own distinctive energy and specific healing instructions and each card is a beautiful piece of artwork.

The cards can be chosen in numerous ways, ideally the animal chooses the card themselves. This is easily done by placing the cards on the ground with a reasonable gap between them allowing the animal to choose whichever one they are drawn to. This may include lying next to a card, licking a card or picking up a card in their mouth. Owners can dowse over the cards to see which is the most suitable card for their animal. Shuffling the cards with your animals’ problem in their mind and seeing which one pops up and then for example a card turning over during the shuffle. Caroline and Melissa hope you will enjoy their combined gifts which they will share with you.

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         'Be sure to stop and smell the flowers'