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Animal Energy World Conference May 13th -15th 2022

David Hicks BVSc. MRCVS & Sara Fell Hicks BA (Hons), UK- 'OVAID' Charity.

OVAID Charity 2022

Every year, the conference helps to raise funds for the many deserving animal charities; previously, the rhinos, white lions, hedgehogs, Spanish galgo dogs and many more. This coming conference is no exception and we are delighted to be helping 'OVAID'-Orangutan Veterinary Aid. Nigel Hicks and Sara Fell Hicks are the Co-Founders of 'OVAID', the conference's chosen charity for 2022.We are delighted that in their busy schedule that they are speaking on 'Pushed to the Edge' and their work with orangutans as Guest Speakers.  

With a lifelong passion for orangutan, Nigel Hicks , and his wife Sara Fell Hicks , from Launceston, Cornwall began working with orangutans in Borneo in 2009, after Nigel, a large animal vet for 35 years, sold his veterinary practice. Sara, a lay veterinary nurse and glass artist has worked alongside Nigel for 20 years, the couple have since spent several months every year volunteering at a variety of orangutan rescue and rehabilitation facilities in both Indonesian and Malaysian Borneo as well as Sumatra.

The work involves a mix of veterinary treatment, general care and welfare for orphaned and sick orangutans which are brought to the centres, often suffering severe trauma and injuries from human/orangutan conflict, forest fires and the illegal pet trade, plus losing their habitat through deforestation.
After seeing the difficulties the rescue centres and teams had in sourcing vital veterinary equipment and medicines locally, Nigel and Sara began taking out supplies in their luggage, but with the need ever greater, in 2014 they set up their own charity, OVAID (Orangutan Veterinary Aid). Since 2014 the charity has donated more than £250,000 of medicines and equipment including anaesthetic equipment, patient critical care monitoring and digital x-ray systems. The charity is a member of the Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group and runs an annual scholarship bringing Indonesian orangutan vets to the UK for specialist training
OVAID is a zero salary, voluntary run charity dedicated to providing veterinary equipment, medicines and practical veterinary presence and assistance to orangutan rescue groups and centres in Indonesia and Malaysia.
By its actions the charity works to improve resources for rescued orangutan and to improve welfare.
The charity actively assists veterinarians working in the field of orangutan conservation through up-skilling, training programmes and scholarships and also considers it vital to spread awareness of the negative effects of deforestation for the orangutan, countless other wildlife species and human populations.
The charity is independent and free to challenge with the ethos, ’always what is best for the orangutan’.
Please read more about the OVAID charity on their website here.
Additionally, you can join them on Social Media at the following sites:-
There are many ways to donate to OVAID-via
  • Optional Ticket Donation
  • Throughout the 3 day event
  • And online here.

Nigel & Sara's work with orangutans