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Clare Metcalf RSHom, MNCHM, Dip Hom Med, Dip Vet Hom, UK. Ambassador 'Action with Love'



Clare Metcalf is predominantly known for her work in Animal Communication, Healing and natural remedies (focussing mainly on Homeopathy) for which she has featured on National TV, radio and conferences, and in national and international press.

However she was asked by Marie Holliday, the Founder of the event to share her great passion and knowledge about trees, believing the animals and ourselves are so intrinsically connected as 'one' energy.

Clare is additionally a writer for Spirit & Destiny magazine, residing on their Panel of Experts. 

Using skills of mental telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and psychic she works with animals and humans on a wide range of issues including their relationships with humans and other animals, their health concerns, their joys and sorrows in life. She counsels animals in distress and has been known to completely turn around behaviour and health issues, pinpointing injuries and misalignments using only a photograph of an animal’s face.

Her smallest professional clients are mice (though she has taught her students to communicate with insects) and her largest are currently rhino or (tallest) giraffes.

Clare is also passionate about animal rescue and welfare and donates her time and expertise to many animal rescue organisations both at home and abroad, where she identifies and helps alleviate health issues, emotional trauma, effects of abuse; in turn helping animals find their perfect home. Her own feline and chicken family were all rescued, and she is passionate about raising awareness of the plight of battery hens.

She became fascinated by the incredible wisdom and knowledge exhibited by animals when asked the simple question – “What would help you to heal from this…?” Animals would request plants, herbs, natural remedies, access to ancient therapies and even crystals and colours. Invariably these things, whether provided physically

or energetically started the animal’s physical or emotional healing journey. And always their human guardian would ask, “How do they know?” 

Clare’s response? Because animals remain connected to their source of ancient wisdom and they trust that knowledge.

As a Nature Intuitive since childhood Clare also works closely with Mother Nature and the elemental kingdoms, and she is fully aware that animals in their innocence and purity remain deeply connected to that source, much more so than most humans, since with the progress of “civilisation” humans were discouraged from trusting nature and her remedies and anyone who did would effectively be discredited, ridiculed and persecuted. Yet, since humans failed to acknowledge sentience, reasoning and intelligence in animals, no-one ever discouraged them from retaining this knowledge or trusting their true instincts.

Clare believes that slowly the world is beginning to acknowledge the truth that has been suppressed for centuries and that many humans are returning to more natural ways of living, yet struggle when it comes to helping their animal companions.

She explains; “In order to effectively communicate with and assist the Animal Kingdom we must first acknowledge the importance of the natural environment in which they and we all belong. We need to restore our ancient connection to all of Nature where all wisdom and healing resides. 

There was a time when Mother Earth provided everything we needed for nourishment, optimum health and healing and we knew instinctively how to access that – just as animals still do today when given the opportunity; yet we handed over that intuitive power to people who pillaged her resources, destroyed habitats and murdered her animals all to discover, suppress and then attempt to emulate her treasures for financial gain and control.

Our home is in the worst shape ever and it’s all down to the interference and greed of humans. Yet we CAN and we are redressing some of these outrages, with re-greening, re-foresting, re-populating and living a more responsible, ecological, sustainable and empathic lifestyle. And this all starts with re-opening our dialogue with Nature.

I want to help everyone tune into the natural world around them, to communicate with beings who have lived for centuries and still hold the wisdom and energy mankind is desperately seeking.

I want to help you tap into that, to trust the deepest wells of wisdom and support – the trees. By re-connecting with them, we naturally re-connect with every animal they support, feed and shelter, every insect and every elemental being.

If you struggle in communicating with your animals, if you’re uncertain how best to help them – take your concerns to the trees and plants, where all the answers lie.”

When approached by Spirit & Destiny to write an article on the wisdom of trees, Clare decided to seek inspiration from some of her favourite trees – deep in the canyons of Sedona, Arizona where her favourite wise oak had already channelled a beautiful meditation to her, and where she can also be found meditating high up in some of her favourite red rock formations.

Following on from her 4 page article “Find Wisdom in the Trees”, and with additional material she gathered on her travels to create her subsequent immersive workshops Clare will be covering in her session:

  • Sharing some of the wisdom she has received from trees at home and abroad
  • Leading a meditation to help you connect with trees and Nature
  • Providing handouts on Tree Blessing ceremonies and Communicating with trees so you can continue your connection with Nature once you return home...bookmark and come back as these will be added in the near future!

Clare is kindly gifting to our Speaker FREE BONUS GIFTS available on ticket purchases', her beautifully illustrated Ebook to guide you through the animal communication process simply and concisely with these 10 top tips with her '10 Secrets of Animal Communication' .

You can connect with Clare via her website. And her Facebook page.