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Animal Energy World Conference 16th October 2020 & 14th-16th May 2021, Manchester

Important Announcement! Re-schedule of conference.



Re schedule of the conference to May 14th, 15th and 16th 2021, Manchester and/or a One Day Animal Conference October 16th 2020, Manchester for people who don't want to miss out!

 Due to the coronavirus, flight problems for many international speakers & delegates, lockdowns and school closures is with deep regret and a very saddened heart that I have had to take this decision and I have kept the safety of everyone as paramount throughout the last few weeks. I have worked very closely with the hotel to re-schedule an event for next year and an extra day later in October this year.The organisation and re scheduling has involved many logistics and I thank you for your patience and support throughout this.

The new day will be added in the coming weeks and be advertised with upcoming speakers.

There are full details about your tickets here with a personal message from Marie.

Thank you all and many blessings.

Meet our Conference Founder, Organiser & Event Host

Marie Holliday, Spain Marie is the original  Founder, Organiser, Host and Speaker at the Animal Energy World Conference 2021

Meet our International Keynote Speakers

Madison King, Spain. ' Empowered Self-Care for your Animal Companions-And You!' 

Anna Twinney,USA. ' A Masterclass in Animal Communication with Anna  Twinney'

Dr.Linda Bender DVM, USA. ' How to Best Serve our Animals through Empowered Action'

Elizabeth Whiter,MHAO MNFSH IIZ Dip.WSA. UK. ' Wildlife Zoopharmacognosy & Sensory Enrichment for Orangutans, Sun Bears and other Animal Species'

Dr.Bradley Nelson DC, USA 'Helping Your Animals with the Body Code'

Meet our International Guest Speakers

Anne-Frans Van Vliet, USA.' The Elephant Therapy Project' 

Ellie Laks, USA ' How Animals Taught me Everything I Know'

Camilla Whishaw BHSc (Nat), Australia.' Naturopathy Healing & Health' 

Dr Rohini Sathish DVM BVSC & AH MSC MRCVS MCIVT MHAO, USA. ' The Best of Both Worlds'

Simon Jones, UK. ' The Emotional Rollercoaster of Rhino Conservation' - Helping Rhinos CEO/Founder

Madeleine Walker, UK. ' A Song for Gaia-a Celebration of Gratitude for all Life' closing ceremony

Meet our Saturday evening VIP Gala Dinner Speaker

Ellie Laks, USA from The Gentle Barn. ' Heartwarming Tales from a Gentle Barnyard'

Meet our 'Action With Love ' Ambassadors

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  • Dr Bradley Nelson,USA. Keynote.' Introduction to the Emotion Code'
  • Elizabeth Whiter, UK. Keynote.'Practical Demonstration of Making a Culinary Herb Infused in Sunflower Oil for your Animal Friends' Free Audio.
  • Marie Holliday, Spain. Founder.' Tapping in Action for You & Your Animal' introducing the Energy Exchange Photo Techniques with accompanying FREE Downloads & Audio.
  • Caroline Thomas, UK.'Action with Flowers ' and this day only includes a FREE Hardback Book ' Crystal Healing 4 Dogs' .
  • Jo Huntsman, UK.Energy Medicine Healing Cards in Action. Plus accompanying FREE Download Package!'
  • Mathilde Denning, Netherlands.'The Intuitive Animal Guardian: Listen to them Speak' 
  • Clare Metcalf, UK.' Find Wisdom in the Trees'. FREE Download.
  • Ellie Laks, USA. Hosting Projects with Marie & closing the first day with a Meditation ' Manifesting a Gentle World'
  • Madison King, Spain. 'Strangeflows'
  • PROJECTS -Marie Holliday, the Founder & Ellie Lak, USA will be opening this session up and they hope you will participate in this optional session with breakout groups at the end of the day. Ideas, input, involvement or just curious are all welcomed.We will organise small Breakout sessions for ideas to help animals, community, environment etc etc which you can be actively become involved in and we re-convene to collate these ideas collectively to aim to follow up. Bring your Project with you...or Create a Project. See more here.​

Conference Charity 2021

'Helping Rhinos' 

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