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Dr. Bradley Nelson DC, USA ' Helping your Animals with the Body Code'

Dr. Bradley Nelson DC, USA, is one of our most popular Keynote Speakers and absolutely loves to join us at the conference with the Body Code & Emotion Code; he is a world renowned Speaker with his World famous  Body Code & the Emotion Code of which he is the Founder.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC (retired) is a world renowned specialist in the emerging fields of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology,a  renowned holistic physician and a lecturer. He is author of the best selling book 'The Emotion Code' which to date has been translated into many different languages. Dr. Brad. teaches seminars internationally on the methods of healing he has developed.

Dr Brad. as he is affectionately known will be presenting 'Helping your Animals with the Body Code' including live demonstrations throughout.

Dr Bradley Nelson is additionally joining us as an Ambassador on Friday 'Action with Love' day, more details for this interactive workshop style session here.

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An Introduction to Dr. Bradley Nelson DC,USA & Energy Healing

Dr Bradley is the Founder of the Body Code