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Animal Energy World Conference May 13th -15th 2022

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Dr.Thornton Streeter, USA/UK. Keynote.


'Popping the Bubble of Doubt - The Animal Kingdom as Observers'

Dr. Thornton Streeter, USA/UK  is a regular Keynote Speaker to our conferences and loved by all, with many of us considering him 'family'. So we are truly honoured and humbled that Thornton is once again joining us and in this keynote presentation will be Co-Presenting with Loesje Jacob, Canada with 'Popping the Bubble of Doubt - The Animal Kingdom as Observers' including live demonstrations.
Are Animals Consciously Conscious as Observers?
A presentation that shows before and after potentials of the change in humans (Sentient Beings) when the animal (Sentient Beings) in a state of Presence is Observing the human (Sentient Being).
The protocol will be as follows:
  •  Biofield Viewer images - Before 3 minutes of an animal (Sentient Being) in a state of Presence, 
  • Observing the human (Sentient Being) 
  • Ortho Evaluation – Before 3 minutes of an animal (Sentient Being) in a state of Presence, Observing the human (Sentient Being) 
  •  ACMOS Lecher Antenna – After (& During?) 3 minutes of an animal (Sentient Being) in a state of Presence, Observing the human (Sentient Being) 
  •  Heart-Math ~ Heart Rate Variability – Before 3 minutes of an animal (Sentient Being) in a state of Presence, Observing the human (Sentient Being).
 A Human (Sentient Being)participant picked randomly from the audience, sits on a chair in front of an animal (Sentient Being) participant for 3 minutes.
During this live demonstration, the protocol will be repeated several times in exactly the same format with instructions to repeat with certain words and as a comparison without words from the animal's guardian.
Dr. Thornton is additionally presenting at the World Energy Conference if you wish to join both events.

Dr.Thornton Streeter has thirty years experience examining healing in a research environment and developing non invasive preventative screening tools and whilst normally working with humans,Thornton has researched with the animal conference over many years now and other locations with animals with much success and many questions leading to more research with animals. The conference always welcomes supporting Thornton with this work.

Thornton Streeter founded the Centre for Biofield Sciences at the UNESCO World Peace Centre, Pune in 1998 after collecting an array of subtle energy devices to investigate the biofield. For the last twenty-eight years, he has worked to develop an ideal subtle energy research facility and instigate research projects globally. He is also founder of the Energy Medicine Exchange, a global community of over 52,000 health professionals, and welcomes any well-wisher to join his Facebook group.

Thornton Streeter, the Centre for Biofield Sciences and the Biofield Viewer

Thornton Streeter DSc. is founder of the Centre for Biofield Sciences, now based in Panaji, India in their own research centre after 18 years at the UNESCO, MIT, World Peace Centre, to investigate the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield. The Centre for Biofield Sciences has conducted a large number of pioneering research projects including collaboration with other institutes such as the Kundalini Research Foundation in 2015 and in industry with a number of peer reviewed research studies, a selection of which can be viewed on line at

Since 2012 Dr Streeter has collaborated with John Catchpole to develop a subtle energy imaging system, the Biofield Viewer. Biofield Viewer is a digital imaging system that reveals light interference patterns between a controlled lighting environment and the human biofield, reveal a great amount of important detail.

Biofield Viewer allows healers to investigate, monitor and improve their treatment protocols with Chakra Viewer and the 3D Biofield program, Biofield Viewer gives three levels of Digital Clairvoyance.

The team that has developed the Biofield Viewer have over 25 years experience working with biofield imaging devices and John Catchpole, famous for helping to develop the 3D chip in all Apple products, is also credited with writing the code for the first biofield imaging device.

We have come a long way since then and the Biofield Viewer now allows the holistic practitioner to witness changes in the chakras live and in full colour as they respond to the healer interactions.

The human biofield and the physical structures that support it have been thoroughly mapped in a global research effort and much of this has been published in peer-reviewed journals. 

Please take time to view Thornton's Videos below.

More information and contacts below:

Director, Centre for Biofield Sciences
213, 31st Jan Road, Panjim, Goa, India. 403001

India +91 9545529944UK +44 7980 788 495 USA +1310 880 4050

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