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Elizabeth Whiter MHAO MNFSH IIZ Dip.WSA, UK.


'Wildlife Zoopharmacognosy and Sensory Enrichment for Orangutans, Sun Bears and other animal species'

We are delighted that Elizabeth Whiter is joining us from her busy schedule, as both a Keynote Speaker at the Conference and an Ambassador on Friday 'Action with Love' Day workshop.

In this presentation,'Wildlife Zoopharmacognosy  and Sensory Enrichment for Orangutans, Sun Bears and other animal species',  Elizabeth will share with us how important sensory and environmental enrichment is to wild animals in rehabilitation and captivity.

How animals instinctively self-select plant material to nourish and self-medicate themselves. 

Many species of wild animals are threatened with loss of habitat and are rescued by animal sanctuaries. Many are re-released back into the wild, however many animals are spending years in captivity. Enrichments complement and help rehabilitate animals physically, emotionally and mentally.


Elizabeth’s ground breaking work with sensory, food and environmental enrichments with orangutans, gibbons, macaques, sun bears, clouded leopards and many other species, will be unveiled for the first time at the Animal Energy World Conference. Supported with extensive video footage and photos Elizabeth details her extraordinary animal experiences with respected international animal rescue centres, vets and scientists and you will observe the subtle ways animals use taste and scent to indicate what they need.

Delegates will even be able to smell some of the favourite sensory enrichments our nearest primate relatives love to self-select!

Elizabeth will be sharing with you the benefits of plants, herbs and foods such as aloe vera, mint, garlic, valerian and ginger, and indigenous plant families native to areas of the globe and how she finds local plant material that animals can utilise to nourish themselves.

Developing countries have difficulty in finding funds to pay for nutraceuticals for animals and Elizabeth educates local communities in the health benefits of culinary herbs and plants that they can forage for cheaply. Elizabeth trains vets, sanctuary managers and staff to cultivate and use the plants themselves.

Animal sanctuaries in Borneo, Egypt, Sri Lanka, South America and South Africa are currently using Elizabeth’s recipes to help rehabilitate animals.

Elizabeth  has  a  complementary  animal  clinic  in  Sussex  and  is  the  published  author  of  "The  Animal  Healer"  and  co-author  of  "You  Can  Heal  Your  Pet",  one  of  the  first  ever  books  written  by  an  animal  complementary  therapist  and  a  leading  vet Dr Rohini Sathish who is also speaking with us this year. 

Elizabeth  is  founder  of  The  Healing  Animals  Organisation  and  principal  lecturer  for  the  professional  one  year  Diplomas  in  Animal  Healing,  Equine  and  the  Practitioner  Certificate  in  Natural  Food  Remedies  with  500  graduates,  including  six  veterinary  surgeons  graduates. 

  Elizabeth  established  her  animal  training  faculty  in  2005  where  students  from  all  over  the  world  attend  practical  hands  on  modules,  working  with  a  range  of  animals  in  rescue,  rehabilitation  and  private  clients.  Upon  completion,  graduates  are  entitled  to  take  out  full  insurance  to  practice  as  an  animal  healer.   

Elizabeth  travels  extensively  around  the  world  offering  her  animal  healing  services  to  sanctuaries  and  through  the  Healing  Animals  Organisation  has  collaborated  with  the  RSPCA,  Dog  Rescue  Cyprus,  BSBCC,  ARK,  ACE,  Moorcroft  Racehorse  Rehabilitation  Centre  and  the  Sussex  Bat  Hospital  on  specific  animal  projects  to  great  success.    Elizabeth  regularly  works  with  and  receives  referrals  from  vets,  doctors,  animal  rescue  centres  and  charities  from  around  the  world  and  has  secured  healing  placements  for  her  students  and  graduates  in  animal  rescue  centres  in  Egypt,  Cyprus,  Portugal,  Sri  Lanka,  South  Africa,  Japan,  Mexico,  Borneo  and  the  UK. 

Elizabeth  is  passionate  and  dedicated  to  her  full  time  animal  healing  work  and  has  been  a  great  pioneer,  fundraiser  and  ambassador  of  complementary  health  for  animals.  Elizabeth  and  her  graduate  animal  healers  volunteer  their  services  all  over  the  world.  Animal  Conservation,  sensory  enrichment  and  Zoopharmacognosy  play  a  major  part  in  Elizabeth’s  philosophy  to  help  rehabilitate  animals  back  to  the  wild. 

This  year  Elizabeth  took  a  team  of  her  dedicated  graduates  to  work  in  Borneo  with  orangutans,  sun  bears,  clouded  leopards  and  binturongs,  working  side  by  side  with  leading  vets  and  scientists.    Not  only  are  vets  training  with  Elizabeth  to  understand  more  about  getting  to  the  root  of  the  cause  of  animal  ailments,  instead  of  just  treating  the  symptoms,  they  are  also  wanting  to  treat  animals  with  more  a  gentler  approach  using  Elizabeth’s  plant  remedies,  food  advise  and  emotional  balance  techniques.  Guardians  too,  are  demanding  more  holistic  approaches  to  treat  their  animals  with  complementary  treatments  to  help  rehabilitate  animals. 

In  2012  Elizabeth  travelled  to  four  continents  with  her  animal  work.  Elizabeth  was  a  key  speaker  at  the  World  Conference  of  Animal  Welfare  on  complementary  health  for  animals  in  Greece.  She  travelled  to  South  Africa  to  work  at  an  eco-friendly  conservation  wild  life  park  with  elephants,  lions  and  endangered  species  and  Jane  Goodall’s  primate  sanctuary  Chimp  Eden  and  introduced  Zoopharmacognosy  (a  behavioural  science  where  animals  self-select  plant  material  to  self-medicate  themselves)  and  simple  plant  remedies. 

Then  to  Mongolia  to  work  with  a  nomadic  tribe  with  reindeer  and  Mongolian  horses.  Most  years  she  works  with  a  team  of  vets  at  the  animal  hospital  in  Luxor,  Egypt  offering  relaxation  techniques  and  herbal  remedies  to  cats,  dogs,  horses  and  donkeys.

Over  the  years  Elizabeth  and  her  students  and  graduates  have  raised  thousands  of  pounds  in  fundraising  activities  for  animals  in  need  with  sponsored  walks,  dog  fun  days  and  Gong  Concerts. 

Monies  raised  has  provided  a  new  Bat-Zebo,  dog  kennels,  small  animal  clinic,  vital  food  supplies  and  medicines  and  tracking  devices  for  the  rerelease  of  sun  bears  and  orangutans. 

Just  some  of  the  rewarding  and  exciting  Diplomas,  short  courses  and  CPD  available  to  animal  lovers:-        

Diploma  in  Animal  Healing  and  Communication 
Diploma  in  Equine  Healing  and  Communication 
Certificate  in  Natural  Food  Animals  Remedies 
HAO  Relax  K9  Massage
HAO  Relax  Equine  Massage 
HAO  Senior  K9  Therapy ​

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