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Animal Energy World Conference May 13th -15th 2022

International Keynote & Guest Speakers May 13th to 15th 2022


Join us 'live' ONLINE 2022 with your Animal Companion !

The unprecedented success and popularity of this event has allowed us to bring this conference as an annual event. The conference has been acclaimed popular by speakers and delegates alike and we are uniting people and animals together in our ninth year. Due to the same unforseen circumstances we are all experiencing worldwide, we are hosting the event again online, as it proved extremely popular online in 2021.

So you don't have to worry about your animal companions staying over at the hotel or leaving them at home or you can't leave them as they may be ill or have anxiety separation - none of these are a worry as they can all be with you in the comfort of your own home! You can participate in this 3 day event with a ticket choice of one day, two days or three days-and half days for our US attendees.

All Speakers will be recorded and you will have access to these with your ticket purchase .Some of the best Speakers are joining the stage from all over the World and bringing some interactive demonstrations where both you and your companions can both join in-yes even online!

The common theme that all Speakers have shared throughout the conferences is that animals truly are our teachers. The conferences to date have incorporated multi disciplines of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) , animal´s wellbeing & emotions, energy techniques, natural remedies, animal psychology, behaviour, animal communication, human and animal interaction, educational, research and much more. We have been gifted with  speakers and delegates from USA, Norway, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, France, South Africa,Australia, Spain and of course the UK  . We have for the last few years had 'live' demonstrations with dogs and this will continue for 2022 even online. And always pushing the boundaries- a first ever- check out the Research that is going on with 2 of our Keynote Speakers that you can become involved in with your own companion!

Meet our International Guest Speakers

Meet our chosen Charity 2022

Visit Orangutan Veterinary Aid-' OVAID' and view our chosen charity of 2022.

 BONUS GIFTS with ticket purchases! Visit here.

As Albert Einstein discovered all those years ago in the 1920´s, everything is made of energy : this includes animals. As a worldwide community, we can raise the vibrational energy for all beings on our planet including our animal kingdom and to contribute through this Conference to the wellbeing of not only our pets but abused, abandoned, tortured animals and eventually hope their perpetrators. We have an inherent ability to connect with our pets, our wildlife our animal kingdom - maybe we have forgotten how. If we can connect or help one animal then we truly have shifted not only our own vibrational energy to a higher state but that of the animal; raising collectively the energy field of our planet.Leading to a peaceful and happy world filled with love and gratitude for all living creatures around us.This worldwide community is represented over the two days by experts in their own right covering many different modalities, psychology and techniques to enable us to partake in the knowledge and wisdom that this is possible to help our animals -and have Fun! Animals are fun so let's enjoy them and connect with them more.We are all ONE and all ONE ENERGY

What you get from this?

  • Discover simple techniques and ways to interact and help your pet or animals and wildlife in your everyday surroundings

  • Learn more about our pets and animal friends from experts

  • These International experts will share their knowledge and skills with you to enable you to understand animals better 

  • Learn how surrogate or distance work is simple and effective for animals

  • Discover ways to communicate with your animal companions

  • Discover the leading ´cutting edge ´ techniques brought to you for the first time worldwide!

  • Have the latest information on these techniques available to you

Who will benefit from this event? 

  • Animal Lovers

  • Anyone with an interest in animals,wildlife, birds, marine life and endangered species

  • Anyone with an interest in animal behaviour, their psychology

  • Animal associations and charities of any kind can benefit 

  • Professionals such as Vets,Stables, Kennels and Boarding

  • Volunteers and in fact anyone who works and cares for animals

  • CPD Worthy -Continuous Professional Development worth 18 hours for 3 days, 12 hours for 2 days, 6 hours for 1 day-request certificate here

Will I be able to use any of these techniques for my own animal companions ?

  • Yes definitely if you are willing to try.

  • Many of the techniques are simple to use, non invasive and there will be information to help you and Guest Speakers to chat to informally throughout the three day conference.

  • NB:We always stress the use of a Vet at all times-all of our Guest Speakers recommend the use of a Vet as your primary source and consider the techniques complement our Vet´s skilled and professional advice and treatment.

I have a few more questions about the Conference or if this Event will be useful for me- who can I ask?

  • Please drop Marie, the Organiser and Founder a line and she will be pleased to help. Contact form here.

  • Additionally, if you want to ask any of our Guest Speakers about their particular area of expertise, their contact details are found on their dedicated page.