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Jo Huntsman, UK.


Energy Medicine Healing Cards

Energy Medicine Healing Cards

& Accompanying Booklet

Jo Huntsman

Highgate Cherry Burton

East Yorkshire HU177RR




Jo Huntsman is an Energy Medicine Practitioner and has had excellent results with many conditions and life blocks for clients with a wide range of conditions.

Jo previously worked as an actor before discovering her life path.  This transformation began when she was struck by the benefits a system called Health Kinesiology brought to herself and her daughter  when suffering from the long-term effects of bereavement.  She trained over a period of two and half years before starting her practice. Her clients come from a wide area as she can work with people in person or using Skype. Her workshops on energy-related topics are well attended and her client list has grown through this and as a result of word of mouth recommendations.

Jo has an interest in healing animals including rescue greyhounds and her own menagerie on the edge of the Wolds in East Yorkshire.


Content of the Pack

  • 86 Energy Medicine Cards with symbols
  • Booklet Giving Instructions for Use and Descriptors of the Energy of Each Card
  • Body Maps (animal and human)

About the System

Symbol has played an important part in healing, awakening, and making sense of the Universe throughout the history of the world and these Cards support the re-emergence of that power and promote the role of symbol in our lives as a way of communicating between the conscious and unconscious levels of our own and animals energy systems

The Cards offer a first step in energy healing allowing individuals to people to manifest good health for themselves and animals. They are also an excellent tool to support life changes or aid awakening.

The structure of the booklet includes:

  • A quick start guide
  • FAQs
  • Symbols for Healing and Spiritual growth
  • Each symbols’ meaning
  • Ideas for Extensions to the Basic recipe

The symbols on the cards have been channelled from an Ascended Master and represent a multitude of energies. They carry a powerful charge when applied to the chakras.

Energy medicine Cards have been trialled and used for several conditions and concerns including:


  • Over-worry about the welfare of humans*
  • Bereavement
  • Knee injury
  • Sun stroke*
  • Finding a life path
  • Migraine
  • PTSD
  • Fear of travel*
  • Sadness
  • Feelings of not being enough
  • Stiff joints*


*Denotes work carried out with animals




Publicity and Marketing

The Energy Medicine Cards are straightforward and can be used without further study from the moment they are opened - however they can also be studied for meaning, significance and narrative for those who wish to know more using the booklet enclosed in the pack. Three similar products in this genre are:

*          Balance Procedure Book Course and Cards (the only Healing cards I have found)

* A system of energy healing that is accessible to many.


The unique selling points of this book are:

*          They are a powerful way for people at to access Energy Medicine for


*          They can be equally well used with companion animals.

*          They bypass extensive training and financial and time commitments

Their target audience is those who are awakening by practising yoga, reiki or using oracle cards for themselves or with the growing number of practitioners of healing modalities, as well as those who are listening to and reading books by Diane Cooper, Steve Nobel and students of the Law of Attraction.

The Cards are particularly timely as people turn away from experts and search for their own wisdom as spiritual seekers.

Jo is findable through her website

 and on social media

Jo is a warm communicator committed to reaching people who can benefit from owning and using Energy Medicine Cards.


Responses to the Cards from some testers:

“When I was first introduced to the Energy Transformation Cards, last year, I felt a huge gift had been given to me.

I know of many other energy processes that are lovely, and effective, but they all take a lot more work than the ETC set-up. It is such a simple and delightful and versatile means of addressing a problem or concern. The mind can turn off - it doesn't need to perform. With no pressure, the hands can simply shuffle and select cards, put them in their places, then minutes later turn the cards over and ... voilà, a shift has been made.

The EMC set is genius, and I look forward to discovering the many creative ways in which others use them, and to the possibility of additional cards being added to the deck.

Thank you, Jo Huntsman, for your creation!”

N Kelly.

“I have been using the Energy medicine Cards now for a while and they have really been helpful. I’ve used them for a few different tasks:

I had a very sore shoulder and I used them asking them to repair it and within a few days it was on the mend. I’ve not had pain now for over 4 months.

If I feel agitated or a bit off sync I use them also.

I used them on my cat she has a tendency of being sick and since using g these I have really seen an improvement.

I wouldn’t be without them now as I really can feel the benefit.”

M Brown

“I initially found the cards a mystery -not knowing what each card meant. However I enjoyed the freedom of just using them and could eventually sit back and trust them. When I use them I often feel huge energetic shifts and my intuition and decision making have strengthened – both things I have used the card to address. I have been advised by my guide to use them when I have been unwell with a virus and infection and  they provided very quick relief!”

K Huntsman

“The cards are clear and easy to use and bring about a clearer sense of self. I have benefitted from feeling more positive by using them to address anxiety and stress.” L Godber