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Animal Energy World Conference 2020

May 16th & 17th 2020. Details coming soon!

John Stuart Reid, Acoustic-Physics Researcher,UK. "The World of Animal & Dolphin Sounds imaged by CymaScope Instrument".

John Stuart Reid, UK. Acoustic-Physics Researcher

Keynote presentation by acoustic-physics researcher, John Stuart Reid, UK. " The World of Animal & Dolphin Sounds imaged by CymaScope Instrument".

Sound has been invisible throughout history but the CymaScope instrument has forever changed the way we perceive sound. Now, sound can be rendered visible by imprinting its vibrations onto the surface of pure water, every unique sound creating a unique “fingerprint” pattern, called a CymaGlyph.

In this Keynote presentation, John Stuart Reid, inventor of the CymaScope, will show us how making sound visible has led to an understanding of the mechanisms that underpin sound therapy, a non-invasive modality that is beginning to show great promise in supporting a wide range of illnesses in humans and animals.

The therapeutic effects of sound and music span at least 2500 years, beginning with the life of Pythagoras of Samos. One of his biographers, Iamblichus, wrote, “Pythagoras was of the opinion that music contributed greatly to health, if used in an appropriate manner…[by using] music in the place of medicine.”  Today, although music therapy is an established clinical discipline that can support physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing, its counterpart, sound therapy, remains little known to mainstream medicine. 

While therapeutic ultrasound--very high frequency sound--is used daily in sports injury clinics and hospitals for healing of soft tissue injuries, its sister modality, therapeutic audible sound, has not yet become a mainstream modality for humans and is even less well known for support of animal trauma and illness. Part of the reason for this is that little has been published on the mechanisms that underpin therapeutic audible sound therapy.   

John Stuart Reid experienced a seemingly miraculous healing of a lower back injury while conducting acoustics experiments in the King’s chamber, in 1997. This event inspired him to investigate the mechanisms that underpinned the healing and he has spent two decades studying this subject.

He brings to this year’s conference a distillation of his research, including, the biological mechanisms that underpin sound therapy.

He will also share aspects of his pioneering research into dolphin communication, in collaboration with, based in Florida.



John Stuart Reid is an English acoustic-physics researcher and inventor of the CymaScope, an analog laboratory instrument that makes sound visible by imprinting sound onto pure water, creating a unique “fingerprint” for every sound. He has studied the world of sound for over 40 years and is one of only two men to have conducted an acoustics study of the Great Pyramid.

A seemingly miraculous healing of his lower back occurred during an acoustics experiment in the Great Pyramid’s King’s Chamber in 1997, which sparked his interest in the mechanisms that underpin sound therapy. His primary interests are in researching cymatics (the science of visible sound) and developing applications for the CymaScope, including its use to support sound therapy for both humans and animals. 

He conducted pioneering research to decipher dolphin language using the CymaScope to create dolphin picture words, for which he co-authored a paper with titled, A Phenomenon Discovered while Imaging Dolphin Echolocation Sounds, which was published in the Journal of Marine Science.

He lectures at conferences in Europe and the USA.



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