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Animal Energy World Conference 16th October 2020 & 14th-16th May 2021, Manchester

Get Involved!

Let's celebrate all animals over these days when we would normally be getting together May 15th to 17th 2020. 

Here are several ideas that you can get involved with so make sure you keep up to date via our speakers/delegates facebook page!

Here is what we are starting with and there could be more to follow:

1) Welcome to the Spot the Butterfly Competition!

FIRST PRIZE: Marie Holliday is the Founder, Organiser & Speaker.

Marie is delighted to donate a Ticket for one day admittance with lunch/refreshments for one person  for next year between May 14th to 16th 2021. 


Caroline Thomas is a Guest Speaker with us and is kindly donating a beautiful Set of 5 Animal of Chakras

They comprise of a Dog, Cat, Horse, Rabbit & Chicken and are beautifully illustrated for those who like to use chakra healing. Simply use a pendulum & selection of crystals starting at the base chakra and asking 'Is the Chakra in balance?' Wait for Yes/No Response. If it is out of balance then add a crystal to the chakra point with the intention of healing. Repeat again until balanced.


Maddison King is a Keynote Speaker who is generously donating an ebook entitled 'Energy Medicine for Your Dog'. This is a comprehensive and a natural, fun way to care for your dog.

And as always, a simply inspiring share from Madisons' wealth of experience and knowledge that she constantly brings to us all. 

You simply have to trawl through the website both the one day  in October 2020 & May 2021 next year where you will find 12 Butterflies. All you have to do is list the web page and the word before and the word after the butterfly in the sentence on the webpage where you see the butterfly.

Eg: On the Home Page of the website you spot a butterfly in the sentence ' our guest speakers specialises  in animal communication.'

Then on the form download you write in Home underPage, Word Before Butterfly specialises and Word After Butterfly in 

Send the list of the 12 Butterflies location, details and form to download here.

This is the Website link for your search:

There is a final date to return all entries to by midnight (CET) on Wednesday 20th May 2020 (midnight CET). Entries drawn on May 24th .

Terms & Conditions of Entry:

Competition not open to speakers nor their family. One day event ticket is valid for one day, for the one person ie: the entrant, with ticket choice of Friday May 14th, Saturday May 15th or Sunday May 16th 2021. It allows attendance for one full day of speakers with lunch & 2 refreshments. It does not include any extras, gala dinner nor accommodation. The ticket is not transferable nor for sale. Entries can be sent on the word document attached, by email by Wednesday May 20th (midnight CET) and will be drawn & announced on Sunday May 24th. There is a second and third prize as donated above; the second prize winner drawn will have second choice of prizes and the third prize winner drawn will receive the remaining prize. Good luck everyone! 

2) Add a photo(s) to 'Your Gallery'

We cant all be together but this page is dedicated to enjoying sharing our moments with each other.

Some ideas to upload photos:

  • Your animal companion(s) you were coming to the event with-and yourself of course if you wish!
  • Past photo(s) of events you want to share with us all
  • What you are doing over the weekend-take a snapshot
  • Companions we have lost and dedicate our love to them
  • Images you may love of wild animals, insects
  • The list goes on...

You simply upload where it says public upload and then you can comment on photos also.

I hope you enjoy, check the page out here, Your Gallery.




First Prize!

Drawn from 'Spot the Butterfly' entrants. Ticket to One Day for One Person 

May 14th to 16th 2021 Animal Energy World Conference.

Runner up Prizes, one of the Set of five, beautifully illustrated Animal Chakras from Caroline Thomas

Runner up prizes from Madison King

'Energy Medicine for Your Dog'

A natural, fun way to care for your dog.

Your Gallery!

Post photos, images of your animal companions and or yourself.

Upload simply & quickly, direct to website


Share your great memories

Previous speakers (Dr Rohini from past event & is joining us again next year!)