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Animal Energy World Conference 16th October 2020 & 14th-16th May 2021, Manchester

Loesje Jacob, Canada


'Popping the Bubble of Doubt - The Animal Kingdom as Observers'

We are honoured to have secured the world renowned and inspirational Guest Speaker Loesje Jacob, Canada.
 Loesje Jacob will be Co-Presenting with the eminent Dr.Thornton Streeter, USA/UK with 'Popping the Bubble of Doubt - The Animal Kingdom as Observers' including live demonstrations.
Are Animals Consciously Conscious as Observers?
A presentation that shows before and after potentials of the change in humans (Sentient Beings) when the animal (Sentient Beings) in a state of Presence is Observing the human (Sentient Being).
The protocol will be as follows:
  •  Biofield Viewer images - Before 3 minutes of an animal (Sentient Being) in a state of Presence, 
  • Observing the human (Sentient Being) 
  • Ortho Evaluation – Before 3 minutes of an animal (Sentient Being) in a state of Presence, Observing the human (Sentient Being) 
  •  ACMOS Lecher Antenna – After (& During?) 3 minutes of an animal (Sentient Being) in a state of Presence, Observing the human (Sentient Being) 
  •  Heart-Math ~ Heart Rate Variability – Before 3 minutes of an animal (Sentient Being) in a state of Presence, Observing the human (Sentient Being).
 A Human (Sentient Being) participant picked randomly from the audience, sits on a chair in front of an animal (Sentient Being) participant for 3 minutes.
During this live demonstration, the protocol will be repeated several times in exactly the same format with instructions to repeat with certain words and as a comparison without words from the animal's guardian.

Loesje Jacob is speaking at our World Energy Conference if you wish to see more of her there are full details of her presentation. Loesje has thirty-three years-experience as an animal professional, and twenty-two years-experience studying and facilitating awareness, consciousness and energy-based integrative medicine for humans and animals.

Loesje has worked with diverse cultures, aboriginal peoples, as well as countless species of animals (sentient beings), wild and domestic around the globe. 
Loesje has collaborated with private and public: hospitals, universities, veterinarian universities, high schools, elementary schools, home schools, first nations communities, tribes living in the deep jungles, orphanages, hotels, veterinary clinics, zoos, animal sanctuaries, film companies, corporations, the International BodyTalk Association as a Sr. Instructor and developer of projects and courses to certify practitioners to work with animals and humans around the globe, and more.

Loesjes' passion is the exploration of interconnectedness and communication with all sentient beings.

Read more about Loesje below:

Read more about Loesjes' on her Website Linking Awareness here .

Additionally visit Loesjes' Activation Sessions website here.

You can also find Loesje on Facebook.

Please take time to watch Loesjes' short Videos below on 'Linking Awareness' that Loesje is presenting at the World Energy Conference and 'Popping the Bubble of Doubt' featuring Dr Thornton Streeter.

'Popping the Bubble of Doubt'

'A Healing & Communication Experience' with Loesje Jacob.