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Animal Energy World Conference 14th-16th May 2021,UK

Marie Holliday, Spain.

Marie is the Founder, Organiser and a Keynote Speaker at the conference.

Celebrating the 5th Anniversary this year, Marie is delighted to welcome delegates old and new to this very special

event which she shares each year with a passion.

An EFT Trainer of Trainers worldwide she is dedicated to helping all animals in whatever way she can - and the

conference seems to evoke this from everyone who attends.

As an animal communicator herself, she truly understands how animals feel, think and respond in the day to day 

world we humans live in.

The conference was born from a message she was given which she loves to share with everyone, believing that anyone who joins the event, is

part of this bigger picture. Enjoy the Message and how it came about on this link.

You can read more about Marie here and her work with animals.