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Animal Energy World Conference May 14th - 16th 2021

Live Online!

Marie Holliday, Spain. Conference Founder & 'Action with Love' Ambassador & Founder


'Tapping in Action for You & Your Animal' introducing the Energy Exchange Photo Techniques.

Marie Holliday is the Founder, Organiser, Host of the conference and the Founder of the NEW 'Action with Love' Day.. Marie is an Ambassador for 'Action with Love' and as an animal communicator and EFT Master Trainer of Trainers is introducing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or 'tapping' as it is commonly known for self help which then can be used for animals.

Marie is a Master Trainer of Trainers with the largest EFT Association - EFT International where she was the Training Director and a Member of the Executive Board for many years. Her speciality was with Serious Illness for over 14 years and for the last 8 years Marie specialises with Animals.

She had a brain haemorrhage all those years ago and EFT helped her recover in 2 days when the medical world couldn't help! She uses it everyday and believes everyone needs this  simple 'tool' in their proverbial toolbox.

Marie will be facilitating 'Tapping in Action for You & Your Animal' introducing the Energy Exchange Photo Techniques, a surrogate technique introducing photographs.

Marie will take you through basic tapping and then show you how to adapt this in a simple  photograph technique' she developed and presented over 10 years ago at the EFT Masterclass Conference.

Whilst Marie can only cover a basic session with you, she wants to demonstrate that when you tap by 'surrogate' for your animal companion then you can actually  'Borrow Benefits' which is an amazing benefit discovered when tapping for someone else including your animal by this method!

Marie has gifted part of her EFT & Animals Package which is sold at £35 for the complete package. There are 5 downloads including Basic EFT, self assessment test, tapping aid and articles on EFT & Animals that she has compiled through years of experience with her own photographs. See Bonus Gifts!

Marie's session 'Tapping in Action for You & Your Animal' including the Surrogate Energy Exchange Photo Techniques requires you to bring the following if you wish to become actively involved:

  • A photograph of an animal companion (particularly if ill, behavioural problem etc)
  • Or a photo of self
  • Or a photo of friend, family etc who may be unwell

The photo is functional if on a phone/tablet as long as you can 'physically' tap on this without the image 'moving'

An actual photo is better still!