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Animal Energy World Conference May 14th - 16th 2021

Live Online!

Mathilde Denning, Denmark. 'Action with Love' Ambassador.


'The Intuitive Animal Guardian - Listen to them Speak '

Mathilde Denning is joining us from Denmark, as an 'Action with Love' Ambassador on the NEW launch of 'Action with Love' Day on Friday 14th May. 

Mathilde is a professional animal communicator, healer, author and teacher in the art of animal connection who strongly believes it is her role to help translate the communication between animals and their guardians, or the humans around them. Mathilde has worked many years, professionally as an animal communicator and healer, teaching workshops and education. First in Denmark where she grew up, now also in Holland and in Belgium, where she lives , in order to study biology and animal behavior. She is the publisher of a book and a second one due to be launched in November 2019 and e meditation CD to connect with animals.

It is her deepest desire to empower more animal lovers to access their hidden skills and talents for connecting with and thereby helping and healing the animal kingdom. Mathilde believes that everyone has skills and talents within them, than can help the animal kingdom and believes that  animal communication and healing tools are available to all, to better understand and connect deeper with our own animals & the animals around us.Her passion is to help animals and people to understand each other, and to find harmony in their shared presence and her hope is to help create greater empathy, presence, and mutual understanding between we humans and the beings we share this earth with. Lots of what she is taught- the animals have already conveyed to her! Join Mathilde for her presentation to learn more on 'The Intuitive Animal Guardian-Listen to them Speak'.
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Find out more about Mathilde and her work on her website here. ( In Danish)
Mathilde's website in English here
"With the animals by my side, I have travelled deeper and deeper into my heart. All the way, until I once again could feel my childhood dream - to be the girl who speaks with the animals."
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