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Animal Energy World Conference 16th October 2020 & 14th-16th May 2021, Manchester

Melissa Tessaro,UK


'The Art of Divination with Bach Flowers and Chakra Healing for Animals'.

Melissa Tessaro is joining us from the UK as a Guest Speaker who will be a Co-Presenter with Caroline Thomas  with 'The Art of Divination with Bach Flowers and Chakra Healing for Animals'.  

Melissa Tessaro is an intuitive channel, teacher and author of 12 books teaching the art of dowsing and pendulum healing. Dowsing is a simple yet under-utilised tool that energy healing practitioners can use to connect with their higher self, clear subconscious beliefs, access self empowerment at the subconscious level and connect to the unconscious wisdom of the universe.

Anyone can learn to use the pendulum for distant healing and Melissa has created comprehensive free dowsing guides with charts to ensure that dowsing is both empowering and safe for practitioner and their clients. Dowsing enables the practitioner to break free from the normal rules of time and space awareness and to utilise the energy of the universe to their advantage. It is possible to locate energetic events in the past or go back and change energy patterns that affect the present. Energetically the pendulum can be used to access the highest and best timeline for growth, wellbeing and happiness.

In 2019 Melissa lead a facebook group that used the pendulum as a tool for manifesting by correcting limitations within the subconscious and using the pendulum with planetary magic rituals and sigils. Many in the group reported increases in wealth, new jobs or events occuring in their timeline that positively changed their lives for the better.

Melissa has also conducted planetary healing ceremonies around the UK using the pendulum with Earth energy healing commands and protocols. Another completed project in 2019 was a flower divination deck which gives the energy healing practitioner advanced pendulum healing energy protocols and commands to positively empower their clients.

More recently Melissa met and collaborated with animal healer Caroline Thomas and wrote 2 books that combine pendulum healing with Bach Flower healing remedies and dowsing so that cat owners have detailed healing guidance on how they can help their cats energetically in an empowered yet safe way from their own homes.

Future projects by Melissa include a detailed book of pendulum cellular healing commands, face to face workshops in Essex and creating a pendulum feng shui oracle deck for practitioners to use to clear energetic space in homes and on land.

Melissa Tessaro will be Co-Presenting with Caroline Thomas 'The Art of Divination with Bach Flowers and Chakra Healing for Animals'.   Melissa's presentation will be discussing using a pendulum both as a dowsing tool and an energy healing tool. Although the pendulum is well known in energy healing circles as a tool for dowsing information from within the subconscious, it is less recognised as a tool for energy healing and transformation.

Melissa's presentation will discuss how you can combine dowsing with energy healing commands which can be used to find and correct energy imbalances with the subtle energy body much like reiki but with the precision of kinesiology. The applications are multi-faceted and diverse.The talk will cover the practical steps of dowsing such as which pendulum to use for energy healing,using a pendulum for the first time as a dowsing tool, how to use charts as well as the safety protocols needed when using the pendulum as a distant healing tool. 

Melissa has been using the pendulum and teaching pendulum healing for 5 years and will include tips and tricks such as what to do if the pendulum does not move for you, how to imprint or charge water, conduct a simple emotional distant healing and pre-client energy healing protocols. The seminar will also cover which type of energy you can ask to directly connect into, where does energy go after being cleared and examples of what can go wrong when you are not clear on the specifics when healing.


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