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Animal Energy World Conference May 13th -15th 2022

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Animal Energy World Products

Animal Energy Techniques Book

Documented and Ilustrated with Maries own photographs over the years is this great download which will inspire and encourage you to try EFT with all animals, wildlife, abandoned and injured animals.

There are 40 pages packed with tips, advice and the skills to help you with animals.

This ebook gives you her own examples she has worked with and at Only 6.95 euro a super buy!

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Also available is the learn EFT with Animals Course shown below.


 Learn to Communicate with Animals using a Pendulum with Individual Personalised Tuition from Marie!

Marie has been asked for many years to share her secrets of successful animal communication and how she does it?

But quotes ¨ There aren´t any secrets! Just certain key factors I have learned over the years of practice and working with animals¨

Marie has now created a complete package of her tips, suggestions and ´how tos´ for everyone who thinks they can´t communicate with animals.

Guess what? Marie believes everyone can communicate and it isn´t as mysterious as everyone thinks!

Yes you need to use a Pendulum.

Cant use a pendulum?

Dont know what a pendulum is?

Or not confident with your pendulum?

Marie has a comprehensive illustrated study guide with her own photos so that you can learn with confidence and refer back. She also outlines a procedure to follow when working with an animal.

Yes you need to practice

And practice

And practice

But you will have support along the way at exactly the stage you need it at on a  personal level.

Study Guide 1 Learn to communicate with a Pendulum.

Whilst  learning to use a pendulum is a huge mainstay of communication with animals, many people can use a pendulum 

but cant use it to connect with them.

This Study Guide 1 ebook gives you a procedure to do this. You will be instructed from the beginning how to chose a pendulum, what to do with it, care and guidance of use. How to detect a Yes and No response and how to practice this with examples. Marie then collates all the steps and key factors and gives you a formula to work with in a step by step procedure.


However there are still many more skills required and Marie believes the main one is in the

Questioning process and understanding the whole process of questioning including expanding on questions. Includes 50 Questions to ask your pet!


Study Guide 2 Questioning skills development

It explains the importance of questions and different types of questions such as  open and closed questions. And the best type of questions to use.The book  importantly explains expanded questioning techniques. Illustrated with flow charts and 7 actual case studies with follow through communication scripts of Questions and Answers between Marie and the animal so that you can learn by easily following

.In addition 60 Question examples to use with animals.Learn how to build rapport with your animal.Also lost and missing pets

Marie believes that ebooks are not enough on their own to learn and that support is needed and indeed invaluable.

Personal Bespoke one to one Tuition is offered in several ways:-


  • Individual and personal tuition support 

  • Facebook Animal Energy World Techniques group support 

  •  Individual Webinar/Skype tuition with an animal (your own, a friends, a volunteer or surrogate) OR help/guidance with pendulum etc And/Or help with your Pendulum if needed

Purchase your complete ONE TO ONE PERSONALISED TUITION Animal Communication package

You can learn how to help yourself and your animal companions quite simply with EFT. This technique helps with: Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Pain, Behavioural issues. You will notice that these issues are common in ourselves as are the tapping acupoints for both humans and animals.​


Learn  Emotional Freedom Techniques with Animals 

EFT & Animals Downloads, there are 8 comprehensive downloads packed with Marie's years of experience as an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers and her own work with animals . These are available on both the One Day Course and the Online Course

Details of the Online Course here at £150.00 which includes 2 hours Skype follow up. Payments on secure site by Pay Pal or Major Cards. Please note Access Code for your Downloads if paying by Pay Pal and contact Marie for code when paying by alternative methods.

There are 8 comprehensive downloads to study and refer back to at your own leisure, details below and purchase here:


1)Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques for Animals Part 1. 

Comprehensive E Book with EFT tapping charts for your personal use, then adapt for animals. Learn how to use EFT for yourself with comprehensive charts and information.


2) Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques for Animals Part2. 

Comprehensive E Book with EFT tapping charts for animals.


3) Self - Assessment Test on EFT.

This is to check your own learning and knowledge before you move on with your studying and is a vital part of your learning. This is best used following your EFT Study.

4) EFT Self - Assessment Test Answers  

5) This Surrogate Tapping Aid Download is a great little resource Marie developed years ago to help people who found it difficult to know what to say, how to say it and what to do with their own pets when using EFT and surrogate work.Surrogate work with aimals often worries people and yet it works equally as well as normal -in fact some would say better.It is an easy guide that gives you a step by step follow through procedure for you and your pet or other peoples animals.You can use a photo of the animal or pet if available. Additionally you can adapt for people.

6)This Animal Energy World Techniques ebook is a fully illustrated 40 page book with my own photographs documenting my use of EFT with animals is normally for sale and is Complimentary Gift

7)The Energy Exchange Photo Techniques are Maries own techniques that she developed and presented at EFT Masterclass 2009. She has since updated them to include many varied uses of photographs and tapping for animals.

8) Tapping ideas and suggestions for your animals. Marie has included a bonus Ebook including suggestions, ideas, tapping phrases and set up phrases with different problems such as anxiety, breathing, stomach etc as this is one of the most difficult and skilled areas to cover in EFT. Includes, Love, Gratitude and Positive phrases.

Includes 2 x One hour sessions via Skype with your own agenda, here are some examples of how you can use your sessions: 

  • Session 1. One hour to check your EFT such as location of points, tapping correctly and own use. *Marie suggests using this skype session following study of EFT for yourself

  • Session 2. One hour to work with your choice of working with an animal, discuss, instruct further.** Marie suggests using this session following your Animal Course study

  • To increase your development, Marie is offering additional hours to add on if and when you need them and IF you need them.These add on hours can be bought individually or in a block package separately from the course and used for EFT for yourself or for animals or for both.

More Information and Purchase the EFT & Animals Course here