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PROJECT 'Action with Love'

At the end of Friday 15th May on the NEW 'Action with Love' Day will be our first chance ever, in seven years of conferences, that we can 'get together' and collaborate on ideas, thoughts, actions etc that we have for the good of all including ourselves....and lets just see where it takes us all?

Importantly the legendary and inspirational Ellie Laks, USA from The Gentle Barn will be opening the Projects with Marie Holliday, the Founder from Spain, to help, motivate, encourage, inspire through her own huge Project that became reality. She will also close the day, with her own short Meditation.

Marie has made time for this in the new program as many of us are feeling sad, angry and disillusioned and wish to help more but do not know what to do or indeed where to start in these desperate times.

Marie believes this is the time to unite and explore collectively as that 'Action with Love' and bring Acts Of Love.

Many of us have had 'messages' from animals and a cry for help and this has distressed us.

We can create our own world that is full of Love, Compassion, Empathy and Kindness for all things. 

Please become involved and join us!

Here are some ideas/projects you may want to become involved in which can be Big or Small:

  • Holding regular Meditation Groups
  • Voluntary projects eg: Free Reiki groups
  • The Environment
  • Climate Change
  • Endangered Species
  • Working with Schools, Children, Education
  • Working or setting up Voluntary Groups
  • The Homeless including their Animals
  • Local Events
  • Local Projects

The list is endless and anything is possible if we believe it is.....

There is importantly FOLLOW UP from this day & ideas with the website 'Action with Love' which will be up & running to assist us all.