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Animal Energy World Conference 2020

May 16th & 17th 2020. Details coming soon!

British Hedgehog Preservation Society - Charity for 2019

We are delighted to announce our chosen Charity for 2019 is the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (Registered No: 1164542)

Donations from books, courses, DVDs, workshops and gifts are all welcomed please contact Marie here to be featured or bring your gift along to the conference. Please contact Marie with your donation and you will receive a space on this page.

Marie Holliday, the Founder and Organiser from Spain is donating two raffle prizes on using "EFT With Animals"

  • Prize: learning to use EFT with Animals including 8 download ebooks and the value of the prize which excludes Skype tuition is 95 euro. More on the course here.


Carlyn Montes De Oca, is one of our Keynote Speaker from New Mexico, USA who is generously donating two signed books. 

  • Prize 1. One Book, Carlyn's award winning book value £12.97 " Dog as my Doctor, Cat as my Nurse, An Animal Lover's Guide to a Healthy, Happy & Extrodinary Life!"
  • Prize 2. One Book, Carlyn's latest book  available now, value £6.67" Paws for the Good Stuff. A Dog Lover's journal for creating a happier and more Pawsitive Life"

You can read more about Carlyn Montes De Oca, our Keynote Speaker here.


The British Hedgehog Preservation Society are donating 2 x Hardback Books " Beauty in the Beast"  valued at £14.99 each by Hugh Warwick who is speaking on hedgehogs as an author, hedgehog expert and ecologist. This second book of three is a series of affectionate and lively homages to the animals of the British Isles. It’s a delightful portrait of some of the UK’s best loved wild animals and birds, and the enthusiasts who champion their cause.

Hugh Warwick is joining us to tell us more about the plight of the hedgehogs and some interesting information to help us all do our bit to save the ever depleting hedgehogs. Read more about the British Hedgehog Preservation Society here.


Elizabeth Whiter, one of our Keynote Speakers is kindly donating 2 of her books.

Book One: "You Can Heal Your Pet" value £14.99 is a no-nonsense guide that inspires a new type of holistic pet care and empowers the modern pet owner. Combining the expertise and knowledge of leading veterinary surgeon Dr Rohini Sathish MRCVS, and internationally renowned animal complementary therapist Elizabeth Whiter. This unique and authoritative guide provides: a comprehensive A-Z directory of common health conditions with treatment options top tips to harvest and make tried-and-tested herbal remedies dietary advice for optimum health, and easy-to-make food recipes information on how to vet your vet! A step-by-step guide to energy healing and acupressure points

Book Two: "The Animal Healer" value £6.47: A Unique Insight into the Healing, Care and Wellbeing of Animals. Read more about Elizabeth Whiter here.


Joanne Yeoh is generously donating an Energetic Body-Scan for the Animal & their Human Guardian Value £150 Do you wonder if you and your animal hold similar Energy Imbalances? With an Energetic Body-Scan, you may discover what you both share with regards to your physical, emotional and energy systems! Joannes prize consists of:

  • 1 x Consultation session with Joanne Yeoh, Animal Communicator & Medical Intuitive.
  • Sessions can be carried out in person, via the telephone or video call. 
  • An  “energetic x-ray vision” to do a Body-Scan for You and Your Animal. 
  • A  Body, Mind, Emotional and Energy system assessment.

 Joanne Yeoh is an Animal Communicator and Medical Intuitive, who holds a passion for facilitating healing for both animals and their human guardians.Website:  Email:


Donations Welcome