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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

Raffle donations for The Global White Lion Protection Trust 2018

Our chosen Charity for 2018

Please consider donating a prize to this most admirable cause, The Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Your donation will make a difference. Additionally, an optional donation of £2.00 is added to your ticket fee, this is purely optional and can be eliminated or increased.

Donations from books, courses, DVDs, workshops and gifts are all welcomed.

Please contact Marie with your donation and you will receive a space on this page.

Marie Holliday is donating two raffle prizes:

  • Prize 1 is an Animal Communication Course which involves learning with a Pendulum. There are 2 comprehensive illustrated ebook downloads worth 50 euros. Excludes Skype tuition.More on Maries courses here.
  • Prize 2 is learning to use EFT with Animals including 8 download ebooks and the value of the prize which excludes Skype tuition is 95 euro. More on the course here.

Dr Bradley Nelson our Keynote Speaker from USA, is generously donating 15 books of his world famous healing code book 'The Emotion Code' as individual prizes!! So 15 lucky winners!

Read more about Dr Bradley Nelson and his renowned healing codes here.


Silvia Jackson is a holistic health practitioner who is kindly offering two sessions as raffle prizes. Both sessions will suit humans and animals alike, and she is offering them either face to face in Devon, or via Skype, or a Distance Session where she tunes in, does the work, and sends detailed feedback by email following the session.
  • Prize 1  One Core Belief session, using Psych - K more about this session on Silvia's website here
  • Prize 2  One Primary Reflex Integration session which you can read about here.

Gillian Morris is an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner .She has a deep love of nature, animals and learning which has led her to where she is today.  She has suffered chronic health conditions, which affected her everyday life for over 30 years, she is grateful to be healthier and much more active due to learning and using EFT. Today, she has her own business, working with clients of all ages on a variety of issues.

Gillian has donated her book 'EFT for Everyone' valued at £9.95 which has been co-authored sharing their introduction to EFT and how it has helped them and their clients move forward in a more positive and successful way. Read about Gillian and her work here. To buy Gillians book on Amazon the link is here.


Donations Welcome