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Animal Energy World Conference 14th-16th May 2021,UK

Workshop Items required (Optional)

The 'Action with Love' Day on Friday 15th May, is just that-Active! Please Bookmark for regular updates.

If you want to get the best from your day, there are a couple of workshops where the Ambassadors would like you to bring just a few items with you to the event. This is not mandatory and purely optional, as you can simply watch or participate with someone else.

We have listed them here for ease:

Elizabeth Whiter's workshop' Practical Demonstration of Making a Culinary Herb Infused in Sunflower Oil for your Animal Friends' 

  • A clean sterilised, dry clear glass medium size jam-jar with a screw top, approximate capacity 454g
  • Organic sunflower oil of your own choice 500mls
  • A few pieces of  Kitchen Roll just to stand your jam jar on

Importantly, Elizabeth will be generously supplying the organic dried marigold petals for the workshop

Marie Holliday's workshop 'Tapping in Action for You & Your Animal' introducing the Energy Exchange Photo Techniques. :

  • A photograph of an animal companion (particularly if ill, behavioural problem etc)
    Or a photo of self
    Or a photo of friend, family etc who may be unwell
    The photo is functional if on a phone/tablet as long as you can 'physically' tap on this without the image 'moving'

    An actual photo is better still!

​Please Bookmark for regular updates.