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Simon Jones, UK. Founder & CEO 'Helping Rhinos'. Guest Speaker


Heartbreak to Heart Bursting Pride - The Emotional Rollercoaster of Rhino Conservation

The Conference is supporting Helping Rhinos as their Registered UK Charity for 2020 and are honoured that Simon Jones, the Founder & CEO is able to join us as a Guest Speaker.

Simon Jones founded the Helping Rhinos charity in 2012 following a heartbreaking poaching incident at a Reserve he knew well in South Africa. Having been so moved by the incident, Simon felt he had the perfect blend of experience in both the charity and business sectors, combined with an unwavering passion for wildlife conservation, and in particular the rhino, that could be used to greater effect. 

Prior to founding Helping Rhinos, Simon had worked in conservation at the UK's largest big cat centre in Kent and before that had spent more than two decades in the corporate sector with American Express.  Following a conservation trip to South Africa in 2010 to work on various projects at Kariega Game Reserve, Simon was devastated to learn of a triple rhino poaching in 2012. An attack that left one rhino dead, another that survived for 24 days before succumbing to his injuries, and a third that miraculously survived.  Simon was moved to take action and set up Helping Rhinos with a goal of raising international awareness of the rhino poaching crisis and to contribute to the protection of rhino in their natural habitat. 

 Now in its eighth year, Helping Rhinos is an international NGO with registered branches in the UK and US. Under Simon's leadership, the organisation has built credibility in the rhino conservation sector, contributing close to £1 million to the protection, rescue and rehabilitation of rhino and their habitat. 

Helping Rhinos has built strategic partnerships in the field and works directly to support the largest population of black rhino in East Africa, the last two northern white rhino in the word, Kwa-Zulu Natal's (South Africa) only dedicated rhino orphanage, South Africa's only all female anti-poaching unit, an innovate community based programme in South Africa's Eastern Cape and a first of its kind education programme in Vietnam, the largest importer of rhino horn.

Simon's Presentation:
Simon will talk about the lows of discovering a rhino that has fallen victim to poachers and the suffering that both the rhino and the conservationists who find it go through. He will talk about the raw emotions felt by the many different people involved when a rhino is poached, from vets to security guards to field rangers, and how these emotions differ depending whether a rhino has survived the poaching attack. He will also share the suffering of a baby rhino left orphaned by a poaching attack, the challenges faced by both that baby and the dedicated carers at a rhino orphanage whose job it is to play surrogate mum. The elation of seeing that baby grow up and be released back into the wild will send shivers through all who hear the story.

Simon will also discuss the success stories giving everyone hope, including a poaching survivor who has miraculously given birth to three calves since her attack, proving that every rhino matters.

Finally Simon will address the other issues threatening the survival of rhino, demonstrating that poaching is not their only risk, and the role we all have to play in keeping rhino safe for generations to come.

You can read more about Helping Rhinos here and how the Conference supports their chosen charity here.

If you have any gifts to donate please contact here with details & take a look at the gifts being donated so far here which will be raffled on the Sunday afternoon and the full proceeds to the Helping Rhinos including optional ticket donations.

Please take time to read about Helping Rhinos on their informative website here. And view the stunning short videos below!

Helping Rhinos has a large social media presence where you can keep updated through the following sites by joining them here:

Contact Details:

Tel (UK): +44 (0)79 1234 6223 
Tel (SA): +27 (0)60 899 5751 
Skype: Helping.Rhinos

Registered UK Charity: 1175762 (USA: 501(c)3 Registered EIN:81-3266651)

Thandi Story from Helping Rhinos

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