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Animal Energy World Conference 2018

13 International Speakers!

Stacey Higgs, UK. 'Humans as Enrichment'

Stacey Higgs is one of our inspirational Guest Speakers who has a hunger and passion for education, travel and wildlife having visited many countries, but most commonly, and on an annual basis, South Africa.  Stacey has been volunteering on a game reserve in South Africa since 2007, and has strong connections with successful South African Zoos.  Stacey’s travel and conservation experiences have led her to complete both her BSc and MA research work out in Southern Africa.

Currently a further education Animal Science Lecturer at Derby College in the United Kingdom, Stacey runs successful annual field trips out to the game reserve, with currently almost 100 students gaining invaluable life experiences.  Stacey has been a lecturer at Derby College since 2011 and currently holds a PGCE.  She is a consultant for the awarding body City and Guilds and marks, writes and moderates a range of animal science exam and assignment papers. 

Stacey attended the CITES conference in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2016, and spoke at the ABWAK conference held at Colchester Zoo in March 2017.

In 2011 Stacey completed her BSc (hons) Zoo Biology dissertation on the effects of repellents on feeding behaviour in the Cape Porcupine, and most recently in 2017, completed her MA Anthrozoology dissertation on human-animal interactions and encounters, predominantly focusing on the cheetah.  This study concentrated on using humans as enrichment and the perceived benefits to the human, to the cheetah, but also to the zoological establishment and society.  This study highlighted the reasons for participation in interactions, and how these can be managed to ensure welfare standards are maintained and the animal positively benefits from the interaction.  Stacey will be discussing the use of humans as enrichment and her findings, with key discussions on the role of zoos and public perceptions.

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