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Animal Energy World Conference May 14th - 16th 2021

Live Online!

Free Bonus Gifts! Donated by Conference Speakers & 'Action with Love' Ambassadors

Marie Holliday the Founder, Organiser & EFT Master Trainer of Trainers is donating her 'EFT & Animals' Part Package which is normally sold as a whole package for £35.00.This is a part package with Basic EFT Information & in total 5 downloads to help you work with yourself first and then try tapping with animals!

Caroline Thomas is an 'Action with Love' Ambassador facilitating on Friday 14th May with her interactive 'Action with Flowers' session.

Caroline is a huge supporter of the conference and helps in many ways behind the scenes; additionally, every year Caroline donates Free Bonus Gifts to delegates.

Caroline is generously donating the following Bonus Gift :

  • 'Bach Flower essences to help your animal's emotional needs'-a 'mini' guide and quick start to guide you.


Madison King from Spain, is one of our Keynote Conference Speakers & an 'Action with Love' Ambassador.

Madison is recognised for her many energy techniques and is held in the highest esteem worldwide for her advanced training in the USA for the world renowned Donna Eden and is loved by everyone who meets her!

Her Keynote presentation is 'Empowered self-care for your animal companions….. AND you!' .

Additionally, she is facilitating a workshop style session on 'Action with Love ' Day entitled 'STRANGE FLOWS - the Ultimate Energy Trouble-Shooters'

Madison is kindly donating 2 Free Bonus Gifts:

  • 'The Barefoot Revolution' is an 80 Page comprehensive download on Grounding and is gifted as a Bonus on the Early Bird Tickets.
  • ' Ancient Flows' is a Bonus Gift on the Friday 'Action with Love' Day. Madison has graciously taken time to especially adapt this 41 Page download for our delegates.This is a And its packed full with useful information & energy tips!


The conference is delighted to welcome back the inspirational Elizabeth Whiter MHAO  MNFSH  IIZ  Dip.WSA  as a Keynote on the Conference Weekend and an Ambassador on the 'Action with Love' Day.

Elizabeth will be speaking in her Keynote presentation with  'Wildlife Zoopharmacognosy and Sensory Enrichment for Orangutans, Sun Bears and other animal species'.

And her Ambassador role will be a workshop hands on style ' Practical Demonstration of Making a Culinary Herb Infused in Sunflower Oil for your Animal Friends'. See Elizabeth's Ambassador page to see what you need to bring on Friday to participate and make your own oil!

Elizabeth has kindly gifted a Free MP3 Download  'Grounding Meditation in Nature'

Take a ten minute break and connect to nature with a “grounding” meditation to help focus and relax the mind. Using natural sounds and bird song to escape every-day life Elizabeth guides you though the chakras from the root to the crown to feel fully present and in tune with the natural rhythms of life. This short meditation can be used as part of your daily healing practice in grounding and self-awareness.

Clare Metcalfe is an 'Action with Love' Ambassador with her interactive workshop presentation of:

'Find Wisdom In The Trees'. Marie Holliday, the Founder, invited Clare to facilitate this as Marie loves to introduce an earth element to the conference believing it is equally important and needs representing and Clare gracefully accepted as she hosts workshops on this.

As a skilled Animal Communicator amongst her multi - modalities, Clare has kindly donated her 22 Page Download Book '10 Secrets to Animal Communication' for the Conference.



 Jo Huntsman is an 'Action with Love' Ambassador and has generously donated her complete 'Energy Medicine Healing Cards'  Package to delegates on the Friday!

These are Jo's own personal work that you will be gifted to download and work with at the session.

They accompany the workshop session that Jo will be facilitating so that you can use them at home following the event.



Anna Twinney from the US, is one of our Keynote Speakers holding presentations on both Saturday & Sunday.

Anna has generously donated her book in e book download format to the conference weekend and the three day event delegates.

 This informative book 'Escaping Tradition' is over 200 pages for you to delve into at your leisure.



Mathilde Denning from Denmark is one of our 'Action with Love' Ambassadors on Friday.

Mathilde has generously donated an exclusive You Tube Video to our delegates on 'How to become more in tune with our Animals'.

It is informative and has demonstrations of 'how to'.

Just over half an hour viewing and all yours to download on a ticket purchase.



Dr Bradley Nelson from the US is our Keynote Speaker and has generously donated The Emotion Code complete & revised ebook with

accompanying charts!

He will be holding demonstrations.

He is presenting the Emotion Code on Friday of the event.

And the Body Code on Saturday!







EFT & Animals & 5 Downloads

  • Basic EFT (Tapping)
  • Self tests
  • Beautiful Illustrations
  • Use with Animals
  • Including Wildlife
  • Tapping Ideas

Bach Flower Essences & Animals

FREE Hardback to every delegate on Friday May 15th!

The Barefoot Revolution

Madisons 'Ancient Fows'

Elizabeth with orangutan & sensory

Elizabeth using essences

'10 Secrets to Animal Communication '


Energy Medicine Healing Cards Package

Over 200 pages 'Escaping Tradition'


Free You Tube exclusive video

Trapped Emotion Chart