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Animal Energy World Conference 2022

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Bonus Gifts from our Conference Speakers

When you have purchased our conference ticket, you will have Speaker complimentary Bonus Gifts available!

Here are the Bonus Gifts from our Speakers. Importantly, more will be added as more Speakers join us, so please keep your Access Code safe (you will receive this on your ticket details) and you can return again with the code anytime when new Gifts are added.

Dr Bradley Nelson, US is our Keynote has gifted his Emotion Code Starter Kit which includes:

  • Dr Brad's best selling book The Emotion Code 
  • Printable Flow Charts
  • And Trapped Emotions Chart


Kate Neligan,US. has generously donated a beautiful and quite magical Unicorn Meditation Audio.

Please ensure you give yourself some quality 'me' time to listen to this meditation and receive your message.

The audio link is available to download from your ticket.

Please do not use whilst driving or using machinery.

 Marie Holliday, Spain is the Founder/Organiser and EFT Master Trainer of Trainers has gifted her own Emotional Freedom Techniques Introduction Manual for this amazing life changing technique. It is the first part of a course for animals which is for self -use.

Marie teaches official online courses for self and/or professional use-and  for adapting and using with all animals inc. wildlife and insects etc.

NB: Whilst the manual is for self use it may be adapted with animals but you do need to know EFT first before you can use with animals which is why Marie has gifted this manual first. More information on EFT training for self, professionally or animals is here.

Marie Holliday is additionally Gifting a Discount on a professional/self use course EFT Level 1 to interested ticket holders. Marie believes its the best gift you can give yourself-and your animal. Marie is a Master Trainer of Trainers in EFT with the worlds leading EFT association.

 £25.00 Discount from an EFT Level 1 Foundational or Level 1 & 2 Course valid until 31st December 2022


 FREE! 'Live' Online Recording Downloads

All Keynote & Guest Speakers of the 2021 Conference!

20 Videos over 3 Days with over 20 hours viewing & introductory short video to the event.


Dr Thornton Streeter has generously gifted his brand new technology to help your animal companion and help his research. Its called 'Petal' .

You can have access to upload your companions photos until the event , then send to Thornton for analysis and his research!

You can access Normal and Chakra biofield imaging modes.

Full instructions on purchase of tickets.


Limited edition copy of the commissioned painting by Amanda Hayler to ticket holders only of the Orangutans-gifted by Caroline Thomas. 

This is becoming a time honoured tradition at the event where Caroline graciously gifts Marie the original painting. Many of the ticket holders, now have several years of these beautiful event commissions.

Download your beautiful limited edition of the orangutans on ticket purchase - this is gifted with love to everyone of you!


Caroline Thomas, UK has gifted this information brochure on the 'AnimalLove22' Essence -it is a great aid for 'how to use' and

information on the essence she will actually be creating at the event with everyone's energy!



Nayana Morag, Portugal is gifting a beautiful video of her own animals, explaining 2 of the elements of her own dogs and how its so

important to understand these elements & how useful it is , in helping your own animals.