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Animal Energy World Conference May 12th - 13th -14th 2023

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Bozena Bienkowska, Scotland. 'Secret Life of a Wrangler'

I am super delighted to have the pleasure of introducing, Bozena Bienkowska from Scotland, UK as a Keynote presentation speaker.

Bozena is known as an animal wrangler and finds that life as an animal wrangler for film and TV is varied and often challenging. She has the joy and pleasure of working with all kinds of animals, birds and beasties in unusual locations.

Bozena originated from a behaviourists beginnings and had never been a trainer as such, although she does teach action when needed.

Her work is deeply dependant on understanding and tuning in to energy and questions- 'is this ability intrinsic, learned or accidental?'

In honesty, she is not sure she has the answer, but hopefully Bozena's presentation on the 'Secret Life of a Wrangler' will answer more questions than it poses.

Bozena works lovingly with 100% care and ethics for all the animals on set for TV films, series and so many adverts where animals are needed including stunts.

She has literally hundreds of credits to her name from Johnathan Creek, David Beckham, Dulux, Heineken, Hovis, Rab C Nesbit, Bank of Scotland and too many more to mention.

For more information on Bozena visit her website here.

Bozena was born near Glasgow over half a century ago and was always seeking out animals or birds to the despair of her parents. Rescuing any wee soul she could. Her family of physicists were rather cool on animals, so she did her best by contacting Glasgow University whenever she needed help with diets or care. This was all very much before the dawn of the world wide web, and there was little access to knowledge for a child.

Along with so many youngsters, Bozena keenly felt that the plight of animals in a human world was a desperate one ,and she's not changed in that core belief as she has grown. She danced with the idea of veterinary medicine, but was too focused on rebellion and was rejected for Veterinary nursing for being too qualified, rock and a hard place. Her life, although not working with animals professionally,  took her travelling and into many careers. The thread that remained constant, was her love of animals, and her spirituality, although it wasn't till fairly recently ,that she realised the two were inexorably linked.

The moment of enlightenment came whilst standing in an arena videoing a world renowned horseman work with a horse she had brought to him. She felt herself slipping into trance, and recognised that energy shift. Tears started falling, and he turned around and looked at her, his face was wet too, and the horse let out a huge groan, and let go. ....


One of Bozenas TV Ads-Dulux dog