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Animal Energy World Conference May 12th - 13th -14th 2023

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Cindy Engel PhD. BSc, UK. ' How Animals Keep themselves Healthy in the Wild'

We are delighted to announce that the eminent Author, Biologist and Bodyworker Cindy Engel PhD. BSc. from the UK, is kindly joining us, in her busy schedule, as a Guest Speaker. Cindy is speaking on her world famous research in her acclaimed book 'Wild Health' and presenting ' How Animals Keep themselves Healthy in the Wild'.

As a Biologist: BSc hons Biological Sciences, PhD Physiological correlates of behaviour in mammals (UEA, Norwich, 1984). As a biologist she published papers in peer-reviewed journals such as Animal Behaviour and Chemical Signals in Vertebrates. Her research interests revolve around the interaction between physiology and behaviour in mammals. This extends into health-maintenance behaviour. As a post.doc. research fellow, she studied olfactory-evoked-potentials in humans. 

As a Bodyworker: Diploma and post-graduate Diploma in Zen Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine (Shiatsu College, Norwich, 2000), Thai massage Diploma (Sun School, Chiang Mai, Thailand), Fascial Fitness Practitioner (Dr Robert Schleip, London). Certified Qigong instructor of The College of Elemental Chi Kung (London, 2000), Certified Medical Qigong instructor of Energy Arts International (Bruce Franztis), Certified Qigong instructor of Lotus neigong International (Damo Mitchell, author of The Comprehensive Guide to Neigong), Internal Alchemy practitioner, Mount Wudang, China (Master Hu Xuezhi, author of Revealing the Tao Te Ching).

Cindy's presentation: How Animals Keep Themselves Healthy in the Wild
Cindy will be speaking on her newly revised and illustrated book guide to the varied health maintenance strategies of animals in the wild. Her talk will be packed with fascinating stories of animal self-medication in mammals and birds; personal stories of discovery by research scientists in the field and practical insights for how we might help animals in our care help themselves.

Wild Health Book: Monkeys, bears, coatis, and birds protect themselves from insect bites and fungal infections by rubbing bioactive plants and insect secretions into their skin.  Chimpanzees carefully select bitter-tasting anti-parasitic plant medicines to deal with parasites.  Elephants roam miles to find the clay they need to help counter dietary toxins, and birds line their nests with pungent medicinal leaves and so improve their chick’s chances of survival.
In this "enticing, well-referenced, and entertaining book" (Science), Cindy Engel emphasizes how much we have to learn about human health by studying animal behaviour in the wild. In this groundbreaking work, she offers intriguing examples of how animals prevent and cure sickness and poisonings, heal open wounds, balance their diets, and regulate fertility. 

“Wild Health is absolutely enthralling! Cindy Engel explores the fascinating world of animal self-medication in this well-researched and engagingly written book. All the thousands of us who are turning increasingly to alternative medicine will find Wild Health particularly compelling.”
Jane Goodall, primatologist and author 

Cindy would love you to visit her website here.

We are delighted to announce that Cindy is presenting her fascinating topic of 'Somatic Empathy' at the World Energy Conference this October 2022 here.




Wild Health is the original definitive book on animal self-medication.

First published 2001, re-released in paperback and on Amazon Kindle due to continued demand. German, Korean, & Japanese editions available.

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