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Animal Energy World Conference May 12th - 13th -14th 2023

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Dr.Thornton Streeter, USA/UK. Keynote.


' Advances in Distant Healing & Screening for Animals-with live Demonstration'.

Over the years, the conference has built up huge support worldwide and we have an extended family of which Dr. Thornton Streeter, USA/UK  is a regular Keynote and part of our family.

Keynote Speaker to our conferences and loved by all. So we are truly honoured and humbled that Thornton is once again joining us with this ground breaking

research which is a 'first' and that he will share in his keynote presentation on 'Advances in Distant Healing & Screening for Animals-with Live Demonstration'.

Dr.Thornton Streeter has thirty years experience examining healing in a research environment and developing non invasive preventative screening tools and whilst normally working with humans, Thornton has researched alongside with the animal conference over many years now and other locations with animals with much success and many questions leading to more research with animals. The conference always welcomes supporting Thornton with this important work.

Thornton Streeter founded the Centre for Biofield Sciences at the UNESCO World Peace Centre, Pune in 1998 after collecting an array of subtle energy devices to investigate the biofield and has worked to develop an ideal subtle energy research facility and instigate research projects globally.

Since 2012 Dr Streeter has collaborated with John Catchpole to develop a subtle energy imaging system, the Biofield Viewer. Biofield Viewer is a digital imaging system that reveals light interference patterns between a controlled lighting environment and the human biofield and reveals a great amount of important detail. The team that has developed the Biofield Viewer  working with biofield imaging devices includes John Catchpole, famous for helping to develop the 3D chip in all  Apple products and is also credited with writing the code for the first biofield imaging device.

The team has come a long way since then and the Biofield Viewer now allows the holistic practitioner to witness changes in the chakras live and in full colour as they respond to the healer interactions.

Biofield Viewer allows healers to investigate, monitor and improve their treatment protocols with Chakra Viewer and the 3D Biofield program, Biofield Viewer gives three levels of Digital Clairvoyance.

Dr Thornton Streeter has trained thousands of health professionals in courses all over the world and now exclusively in clinics online. As a friend of all creatures his work and private life steer him towards collaborating with animals. 

The human biofield and the physical structures that support it have been thoroughly mapped in a global research effort and much of this has been published in peer-reviewed journals. 

The new ground breaking research with animals and Biofield Imaging has aligned with the conference to offer this unique service to all ticket holders, as anyone can now use their latest technology online with simple access on any device, this allows a comprehensive opportunity for all those who care for animals. 

Dr Thornton is making an online portal available as a complimentary service which will be gifted to the event and it will support assessment and track the progress of healing protocols, both over short and long term.This is complimentary in your Bonus gifts on ticket purchase (normally a subscription monthly fee).The biofield imaging of the dynamic fields around each one of us,reveals health issues from an energetic perspective that we can use as guidance for precision healing.

 Dr Thornton invites you to become involved with this important research. 'PETAL' is a new online imaging system for checking the harmonic biofield of any animal's energy field on location and is being launched globally after much testing at the Animal Energy World Conference!

Please visit Dr Thornton's websites for full information & View a small selection of his Videos below. He has a You Tube channel and has a couple of TED Talks you can browse.


Explanation of Chakras

Just one of Dr Thornton's Videos o the Chakras from his You Tube Channel.

TED x Talk