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Animal Energy World Conference May 12th - 13th -14th 2023

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Lisa Tully, Ireland. 'Your Animals Healing You' including interactive Meditation.

The conference is delighted to welcome Lisa Tully, a Guest Speaker from Ireland. As a professional animal healer & communicator Lisa has an international practice working with all kinds of species using a multi disciplinary approach.

Her journey began when she spent one year living in the Bolivian rainforest working at a wildlife sanctuary. Immersed in this animal kingdom she developed a very special relationship with an Ocelot called Milly. Walking in the jungle each day with this cat, she taught Lisa a completely different way of relating & communicating with animals. It planted a seed.

Lisa then studied meditation in Northern India where the Dalai Lama lives. Going on retreats and attending public teachings by His Holiness over a course of three years. This time of deep introspection prepared Lisa for the day she came across animal communication as a skillset. After giving it a try she was able to instantly hear their thoughts. Inspired by her experiences she then went on to study professionally with Madeleine Walker.

Lisa then travelled to Mongolia to study shamanic healing for animals with the indigenous shamans and to better understand their way of natural horsemanship. These leanings deeply influence how she heals domestic horses here in the West today.

More recently she has studied professionally with Nayana Morag to bring zoopharmacognosy and TCM into her holistic toolkit. With a science background she understands both sides of the coin and regularly collaborates with homeopathic vets in Ireland.

Lisa’s Talk: ‘Your Animals Healing You’

Lisa is excited to share a fascinating area of her work that supports animals by supporting you their guardians. They know you the best and Lisa helps you tap into that as a powerful way of self-reflection and understanding.

Through her day to day animal healing work she knows that in order for the animal nation to thrive, we their humans need to thrive alongside them. And as we enter into this sacred Golden Age, a time of expansion it naturally brings growing pains. And the animals want to help us move through it all with grace as show us our human potentiality through this work.

Lisa’s talk is followed up by a group meditation where you get to experience this process firsthand.

To learn more about Lisa’s offerings & work visit:  and

And she would love to invite you all to check out her monthly online animal gatherings HERE to deepen your connection with the animals, with yourself & with each other.

Lisa’s Social Media: Instagram & Facebook.

Also please view Lisa's Video below for more about her and her work.    

Meet Lisa Tully.