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Animal Energy World Conference May 12th - 13th -14th 2023

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Loesje Jacob, Canada


'Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey'

We are delighted to have the presence of the world renowned and inspirational Guest Speaker Loesje Jacob, Canada.
With thirty-three years-experience as an animal professional, and twenty-two years-experience studying and facilitating awareness, consciousness and energy-based integrative medicine for humans and animals,Loesje has worked with diverse cultures, aboriginal peoples, as well as countless species of animals (sentient beings), wild and domestic around the globe. 
Loesje has collaborated with private and public: hospitals, universities, veterinarian universities, high schools, elementary schools, home schools, first nations communities, tribes living in the deep jungles, orphanages, hotels, veterinary clinics, zoos, animal sanctuaries, film companies, corporations, the International BodyTalk Association as a Sr. Instructor and developer of projects and courses to certify practitioners to work with animals and humans around the globe, and more.
Loesje’s passion is the exploration of interconnectedness and communication with all Sentient Beings.
Loesje encourages her participants to observe, manifest and live from the heart. She promotes non-attached, compassionate, open-mindedness and learning different perspectives and strategies in dealing with animal and/or human behavioral issues and health challenges both personal as well as collective, transition through death and rebirth etc. 
In a time when integrative approaches and medicine are still new to many, Loesje’s ability to communicate Linking Awareness - Consciousness - Energy – Observation based concepts 
allows for a wide-ranging exploration of integrative approaches for all life. 
Animals are prey and predator, making them highly sensitive to their environment for survival. Join Loesje and engage with all Sentient Beings, your Inner Self and Nature to share information.
Experience the Sentient Being’s physical response and validation. Allow yourself to explore life through LINKING AWARENESS with ALL SENTIENT LIFE.
It is Loesje’s experience that ALL SENTIENT BEINGS LOVE to share their profound abilities to Activate Self-Healing.
Join Loesje for her presentation on Sunday with 'Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey'- 'The Healing potential of Animals in our lives'
Loesje’s personal Healing Journey brought her to seek to activate all of her subtle senses & deepen her intuitive capabilities, during Loesje’s Personal Journey, it became obvious to her that the Animal Kingdom had been waiting patiently, for a long, long time, for us to remember our capacity to communicate non-verbally with Light and Information. That intense Journey, that Loesje is still on, also sparked her interest to begin to understand the Animal kingdom’s role in our healing on a personal and global level.
You can read more of Loesje and her work on her website here
Additionally visit Loesjes' Activation Sessions website here.

You can also find Loesje on Facebook.

Please take time to watch Loesjes' short Videos below and 'Popping the Bubble of Doubt' featuring Dr Thornton Streeter who is also presenting with us.

Linking Awareness Observer Group with Horses Session-Loesje Jacob

'Popping the Bubble of Doubt'

'A Healing & Communication Experience' with Loesje Jacob.

Loesje Jacob, Canada