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Animal Energy World Conference May 12th - 13th -14th 2023

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Ticket holders send your Pawsome Friends to be listed for 2022!

Now we are online for the second year 'live', we see each other on Zoom but as many of you know that all our pawsome attendees are given lanyard badges at the in person conference. With this in mind, Marie thought it would be lovely to take our companions' names on the tickets & add them on this gallery to see how many are attending! It is for our animals after all! Marie will show them at the event, so any ticket holders, please send your photos of those attending (photo with or without yourself in). Permission based is accepted to share these photos on website, event & possible facebook. Thank you, lets make it the best event ever!

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Send Photo Instructions

Please send a photo to Marie by attaching below. Write the name of your animal companion in the box below. State if the photo is for the Attendance Gallery or the Dedication Gallery. If you have more than one photo, please send by email to Thank you.