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Animal Energy World Conference May 12th - 13th -14th 2023

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Stuart Wilson, UK. Spiritualist Medium, Animal Healer and Communicator. 'Spirit & I' Includes Live Demonstration.

I am delighted to welcome Stuart Wilson, UK as a Guest Speaker who is a Spiritualist Medium, Animal Healer & Communicator. Stuart is based in Warrington, Cheshire and has been working as a spiritualist medium for over 12 years with people, though seeing spirit from a very early age it always frightened him, so he didnt start to develop his gift till his late thirties.
He wanted to be working in a Zoo or to be a vet since he was a child;  though through school he wasn't academically strong enough. So when he started first working with Spirit , he put the intention to them about working with animals.
Now, he works together with Spirit offering hands on or hands off and even distance spiritual healing, he then connects with his team who then tell him about the individual animal; he also connects with each animal. 
Spiritual healing helps with physical, emotional and mental health issues, past unresolved issues, present and even some future and being able to help when you know that there is something wrong but you can’t put your finger on it can be priceless for many animal owners.Stuart does not ask for information on your animal, this work can also be done distantly, anywhere in the world. For distant work all that is required is a full body photograph of your animal and their name.
Stuart's presentation is simply named 'Spirit and I'.
Stuart will talk you through his journey to where he is now and you can witness firsthand how Stuart works with Spirit in his demonstration.
Stuart is hosting a 'live demonstration' with a horse from stables in England, all via Zoom, so that you may see how he works directly.
Time allowing, he will finish with Questions & Answers.
Discover more about Stuart on his website called 'Rainbow Healing' for the Animals here.

Learn more about Stuart Wilson here.