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Animal Energy World Conference May 12th - 13th -14th 2023

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Zoom Links & Access

Thank you for purchasing a ticket and supporting the event and our animals. You will have received your ticket and have your Confirmation Order from the  ticket company Ticket Tailor. Please keep them safe. As a Ticket Holder you will have received this link.You then click into your Registered Ticket link and use your Access Code to retrieve your Zoom link from the following tickets.

Importantly, please ensure you click on your correct ticket choice below to allow access on the date where your ticket is registered to. The conference cannot be held responsible for any problems or issues with access. However, all ticket holders will receive recordings of the live event.

The Conference has a Member who assists with Ticket Registration on each day and half day who will admit you and validate your ticket-occasionally, you may be asked for ID which is purely for security reasons. Each day has a separate Zoom link for security purposes also. 

Links to your Zoom ( Codes on ticket)

One Day Tickets Only:

Friday May 13th

Saturday May 14th  

Sunday May 15th 

Weekend Ticket Only: 

Saturday May 14th & Sunday May 15th 2022

All 3 Days VIP Pass:

Friday May 13th, Saturday May 14th & Sunday May 15th 2022

Half Day Tickets for all days:

Morning or Afternoon. 


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