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International Guest Speakers. NEW! Friday 15th May 'Action with Love' Day


In our 7th year,we would like to announce our International Conference Guest Speakers for May 16 & 17th 2020.

Meet our International Guest Speakers

Anne-Frans Van Vliet, USA.' The Elephant Therapy Project' 

Camilla Whishaw BHSc (Nat), Australia.' Naturopathy Healing & Health' 

Simon Jones, UK. ' The Emotional Rollercoaster of Rhino Conservation' - Helping Rhinos CEO/Founder

Meet our Saturday evening VIP Gala Dinner Speaker

To be announced

NEW!! Friday May 15th 2020 Meet our 'Action With Love ' Ambassadors here.

Our Conference Charity 2020 is: 'Helping Rhinos' 

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