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International Keynote Speakers 2020


We are honoured to introduce our inspirational International Keynote Speakers joining us on May 16th & 17th 2020. 

Please check out their web pages for full information on them and their presentations.

Meet our Conference Founder, Organiser & Event Host

Marie Holliday, Spain Marie is the original  Founder, Organiser, Host and Speaker at the Animal Energy World Conference 2020

Meet our International Keynote Speakers

Madison King, Spain. ' Empowered Self-Care for your Animal Companions-And You!' . Madison is additionally an Ambassador presenting on the NEW 'Action with Love' Day. 

Anna Twinney,USA. ' A Masterclass in Animal Communication with Anna  Twinney'

Ellie Laks, USA.

Dr.Linda Bender DVM, USA. ' How to Best Serve our Animals through Empowered Action'

Dr Bradley Nelson, DC, USA. ' Helping your Animals with the Emotion Code' 

Elizabeth Whiter, MHAO MNFSH IIZ Dip.WSA. UK.  ' Wildlife Zoopharmacognosy & Sensory Enrichment for Orangutans, Sun Bears & other Animal Species'. Elizabeth is additionally an Ambassador presenting on the NEW 'Action with Love' Day.

Our International Guest Speakers are here.

Our VIP Gala Dinner Speaker is to be announced! 

NEW!! Friday May 15th 2020 is our 'Action with Love' Day where you can join our Action with Love Ambassadors for an interactive/workshop style day. More information on this new day and  the Ambassadors here.