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Animal Energy World Conference 14th-16th May 2021,UK

Helping Rhinos

'Helping Rhinos' is our chosen UK Charity Registration 1175762 we are supporting for 2020.

Simon Jones is based in the UK and is the CEO & Founder is speaking at the conference to highlight the invaluable work they do and the plight of the rhinos currently.

You can read more about Simon and his work here.

The conference offers the following support to the charity:

  • Speaking position at the event to discuss what the charity does and its aims
  • An optional ticket donation of £2.00 where delegates can donate £2.00 or more, or decline
  • Collects raffle prizes and volunteers sell tickets at the event over the 2 days
  • Donates full proceeds collected to Helping Rhinos 
  • Complimentary exhibition table for the 2 days to sell products, inform & educate our delegates
  • Overnight stay at the hotel
  • Full complimentary invitation to the conference and Gala Dinner
  • Conference Web pages to the Speaker & the Charity
  • Leaflet drop in the Delegate Welcome Pack
  • Marketing throughout the year

For more information and to watch some short videos on Helping Rhinos watch the two short videos below and the work they do, then check the link here.

For Raffle Prize Donations towards this charity then please see here and if you have any donations please feel free to bring along to the event or if you wish to be featured on the website then please contact Marie.

You are welcome to offer books, DVDs, workshops, courses, paintings, products etc

Thank you for your support.

Thandi Story from Helping Rhinos

Watch how poaching survivor Thandi has gone on to have two calves and is an inspiration to so

many around the world, giving hope for the future.


Helping Rhinos - Time To Change The Way We Think About Wildlife Conservation

Helping Rhinos take us through their projects on the ground and also how they are making a

difference in protecting rhinos in their natural habitat